Clear Cutting Tree Removal Service

By: Zach Roy, Zach Wenger, Drew Swales

Six Business Activities

1. Generating Ideas: Clear Cutting is a tree trimming service that does everything from trimming and pruning trees to logging out in the forest. Our company was developed one day when all three of us were in Drew’s yard pruning trees and cutting them down when we discovered that we were pretty good at cutting down trees. Since Drew was poor and about to lose his house we took the idea and ran with it. We didn't put much research into the competition of the area we were just trying to start a way for Drew not to become homeless.

2. Raising Capital: The money we have raised has come from financial help from our friends and family and some of our own extra money that we have scraped together. We have also applied from a loan from a local bank which we have not heard back from yet.

3. Employee & Training: Employees have to be experienced in landscaping, and at least a year experience in logging.

4.Buying Goods & Services: we buy all our supplies from STIHL such as chainsaws and head protection. We will buy all of industrial vehicles from CAT.

5. Marketing Goods & Services: We will advertise our company by using billboards and we’ll discuss about our company on the radio, mentioning how professional our company is and successful it is. Our employees are the best in what they do and guarantee that you won't be disappointed.


6. Maintaining Business Records: We will have a online business record keeping system that will allow you to track orders and payments. We will use quick bit

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Business Entity: Our business is a partnership between all three of us. We are choosing this type of business because it is easy to start and we can share the profits equally. The advantages are two or more people contributed to the investment, you can get expertise from more than 1 person, each partner is responsible for the decisions made by all other partners. The disadvantages are there is no protection for personal assets and if a partner leaves or dies the partnership is dissolved.

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Our Goals

  1. Get business known

  2. Have at least 10 medium to big jobs

  3. Advertise on TV at least once

  4. Form contracts with local companies

  5. Get 2 big jobs sites cleared

Mission Statement

Clear Cutting Tree removal strives to provide the best, cleanest, and safest tree removal serviced around. We take great pride in our work and ensuring that everything is professional, and safe.

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