Lushbunny's Quarterly Newsletter

Lushbunny Lands on iTunes Podcast Store

May 23, 2013 - Lushbunny is proud to announce that his mixes and ground-breaking podcast, Lushpod, will be available for streaming and download in the iTunes Podcast Store for free. Lushpods will continue to be released in Soundcloud and Mixcloud, but iTunes will be the host of the podcast.

Click download or stream Lushbunny's latest Podcast, and please rate and review the podcast.


Lushbunny hits WTF Festival in Portland

July 26-28 - Lushbunny will be making his WTF Festival debut in July. WTF will also feature A-Trak, Purity Ring, Pantyraid, Gramatik, RJD2, Dj Shawna, Jeremy Sole, and so much more. Lushbunny is excited to be a part of this up and coming festival in the fields of Oregon.


Lushbunny is Ryan Jesena.

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