Andrew Jackson "Zero"

Hero or Zero

The Indian Removal Act

One reason why Andrew Jackson is a "zero" is because of the Indian Removal Act. The Indian Removal Act was a law that passed to relocate the Native Americans off of there homeland. Many of the Natives did not want to go off of there land and some of them refused to go. The reason why they wanted the natives off there land is because people wanted land for there farms. This resulted in battles between the natives. Also Natives also had the choice of joining civilization and go away from there tribe customs. This was wrong because many Natives died from this and were forced out of there homeland and had there rights taken away.

Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears is about the paths and life the natives mainly the Cherokee tribes took in order to get to Oklahoma. The natives took three paths in order to get to Oklahoma. Many of the Natives were forced to go and were upset that they had to go away from there land.25% of the Natives died which is about 3,500 of the natives died on the path. Many Natives died from illness and from being to cold.

Spoils System

The spoils system was a system set up by Andrew Jackson that allowed supporters of winning political party to go into office. This was a bad idea because it was not fair because the supporters would not have any political background to know what they are doing. And also all of the parties no matter what should have a voice in the government. For example if the democratic party is all in the office and nobody is Republican then there would only be democratic opinions and no republic.
Mini BIO - Andrew Jackson

Political coarton

In the political cartoon about Jackson we see Andrew Jackson dressed as a king with a veto in his hands and on top of ripped pieces of the constitution. The political cartoon is trying to say that Andrew Jackson had to much power and acted just like king and abused his power by having a veto way to much.