Cool, Identity, Drugs, & Fitting in

From Unwinds Perspective

Trying to fit in and what it means

To fit in means to not be different from everyone in the crowd that everything they do you have to do it to be like them. It’s not important because it’s how you feel under your skin not what people think of you. In our novel they really do care that they fit in. So they don’t get recognized by the police and they don’t get unwound.

You can fit in more, without worrying about covering up who you really are. You aren't really peer pressured into doing things that you don’t want to do, because you’re doing what you like, so people don’t have to prove themselves.

We think that young people use drugs and alcohol because they might see their friends doing it then they start to do it then they like it then they do it on a consistent basis. In our novel the young people really don't drink or use drugs.We don't think that it really fits the structure in our novel.Because our novel isn't that kind of book, our characters in our book they are more worried about getting away from the Juvenal cops and trying to run away from their death bed(literal their death bed)
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Not using drugs or drinking alcohol

Some teens do have the problem of drugs/alcohol due to the fact of fitting in and being cool. In our novel Connor, Risa, and Lev don’t worry about drugs/alcohol because all they worry about is to run away and keep hiding till age 18

We don’t think that 90 percent of the school smokes dope. We think that she might of said this because she feels like this, or all the people she knows smokes dope.In the novel our characters never thought of that and they never really talked about smoking or just drugs in general.

The point when having alcohol & drugs becomes a problem is when teens do it so much that they are committed to it and they can't stop doing it. In our novel Connor and Risa don’t do drugs or drink at all they never had any.Because the author didn't think that he really needed to add that into the novel because of all thee conflict about running away from the cops and staying alive and not being unwound.