Summer Reading Project

The Book Theif

Main Character: Liesel Meminger

Liesel is strong ,courageous, and brave. While riding the train to Munich with her brother and mother her brother started coughing and he eventually died. Her mother shocked. Two guards helped them find a spot to put her brothers body and started to bury her. When leaving she found a book called "The Grave Diggers Handbook" and toke it with her. It was her first stolen book.

Vacation Item 1: The Accordian: Hans Hubermann

She would bring her step fathers accordion with her because the accordion means a lot to her. One time she saw her foster mother Rosa hug her fathers accordion while she was sleeping. (pg. 429 in The Book Thief) She also said that when she heard him play she thought that he was the accordion. (pg.527 The Book Thief)

Picture of items

Vacation Item 2: The Standover Man

Liesel father Hans is hiding a Jew in their basement. The Jew's name is Max he made a story for Liesel and gave it to her for her birthday. She read over it and went down to the basement where Max was and stayed with him. (pg. 223-237 The Book Thief)

Vacation Item 3: The Word Shaker

After Max the Jew leaves she gives Liesel's mother Rosa a book to give to Liesel when she's ready. Rosa gives Liesel the book called The Word Shaker and she read it. After she reads it she wonders where Max could have gone and she dreams about the tree Max wrote about in his story. (pg. 445-450 The Book Thief)