The Jaguar

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The jaguar has a sneaky appearance in the rain forest. It is the third largest cat in the world. The jaguar’s fur is golden brown. It is six feet long including the tail that is 30 inches or more. The jaguar and the leopard look quite the same, but there is a differences. The leopard has big round circles with black dots on the body. The head, toes, and legs have single spots. The jaguar has just has dots. The hearing of the jaguar is great to locate prey. It has strong legs to climb trees.
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The jaguar lives in the tropical rain forest. It lives in the Amazon rainforest of Central and South America. It hunts and lives alone. The jaguar territory is 53 square miles.

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It sits alone in a tree so if a deer walks under the jaguar it will leap out of the tree and kill it from above. The jaguar eats deer, rabbits, frogs, snakes, and monkeys. The jaguar hunts near rivers. When it sees a fish or turtles it will grab it right out of the water. It will use its strong teeth to kill its prey. The jaguar will go for the skull to kill its prey and go for more to eat. They have scrapers on the tongue to get the meat of the bones. They hunt alone and they will chase the prey into a river so the are easier to get.Unfortunately the population is going down. Cutting down trees is making the jaguar lose his home. There are only 15,000 jaguars left. They rarely attack humans, but they will stalk them to get them out of their territory.

friend and Enemies

The only enemy is the humans, because the humans will kill them for the fur. The jaguar growls to scare humans but not kill them.
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