Family Back To The Table

Community Family Board Game

Our Family Game Night is coming soon.

Come and have a relaxed evening connecting with your loved ones and others in the community.

"Bonding Thru Board Games"

Friday, March 15th 2013 at 7-9pm

Sedgwick Co. Extension Education Center 7001 W 21 St. N. Wichita, Ks 67205

We live in a busy world in which time together is often lost in the buzz of activity. Humans are built to connect. Setting aside a time to play board games will bring your family together in a face to face interaction. When played in the right spirit, games provide a shared experience in which bonding memories are created for life. Having fun together is the priority goal in playing board games.

Designer Games or Euro Games

Choose a game everybody agrees on playing. Read the instructions and make sure to understand the game before you get together. Our program use designer or Euro games. With these games everybody finish at the same time, are very attractive and addictive. Even when playing a game for young ones, the adults have a blast!