Harriet Tubman

Conductor of the Under Ground Railroad

Summary of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was born in Dorchestor, Maryland. She was raised by her mom (Old Rit) and her dad (Ben). Harriet has eight brothers and sisters a dad and a mom all of which are slaves including Harriet. After she was old enough to work as a slave the circumstances around her were pitiful. She was a terrible slave worker according to what her owners had said to the plantation master Edward Brodas. Harriet was continuously sold out by her owners. Until one day when she had enough and she ran away. Eventually she did so by herself until she reached the north, but in her case freedom. She had went back time and time again to get others including her family. She also had freed slaves in general that were on the plantation she was born on. After all of these trips back and forth again and again she was now considered a legendary conductor of the Under Ground Railroad.

Description of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was once a slave until she escaped in 1849. Harriet was a legendary Under Ground Railroad conductor that freed slaves. She had a lot of strength, courage, and determination for her amazing life span of ninety-three years. Harriet was not only a legend but a person with a heart that desired whats right for others. Over her years of being a Under Ground Railroad conductor she had freed 300 slaves.

Harriet Ross Tubman (Timeline)

1819 Birth

1844 Marriage

1849 Freedom of A slave

1850 Conductor

1861 She was a spy in the Civil War

1869 Second Marriage

1913 Death