The Adventures of Billy Bob and Gil

Directed by: Anna Castor and Katherine Hafendorfer

Best short stop-motion film of the summer! :)

A YCLWBG PRODUCTION (You can't live without bubble gum)

it is a stop motion movie that is 3 minutes and 55 seconds. Billy Bob is an egg and Gil is a rainbow polka dot fish. This horror film/comedy is a fun filled film that you are sure to love<3.


Directors: Katherine Hafendorfer and Anna Castor

Producer: Katherine Hafendorfer

Hands of: Anna Castor

As himself: Billy bob

As himself: Gil

Villager: Vaughn Downing

Voice talents of:

Anna Castor and Katherine Hafendorfer

Hot tips

remember kids, stay away from chainsaws, and people with sharp forks, and always keep a piece of dubble bubble gum with you. and always keep glitter with you. you never know when you have to bedazzle something!!!!!