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Weekly Memo for SES Staff

Week of March 18-22: Have a great week!

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Streelman Off Campus

I am here!

*FYI I will be out April 15-23, but will be available by phone, text, and email. I will be gone April 15-19 on a teacher recruitment trip to Michigan. I will also be gone April 22-23 for training at HEC. I will miss you!!!!!

Hard Corners

Your corners are not taped! No, I wasn't lazy! But, we do not need to mark them since they are pretty much the same in our classrooms. Please be aware of your safety areas for lockdowns. We will discuss this further, but if you use the bathrooms, you will need to lock the door.

What's Happening...

Awards Lists

Awards lists are in your mailboxes. Please return these to Streelman or Nettira by March 20!

Taki Thursday!

We will be selling takis (and other chips) for $1 in the courtyard at approximately 2:30 pm. More details will be shared.

3rd Quarter Awards

March 26

Kindergarten 8:30-9:00

1st Grade 9:15-9:45

2nd Grade 10:00-10:30

March 27

3rd Grade 8:30-9:00

4th Grade 9:15-9:45

5th Grade 10:00-10:30