Ms. Virginia McKay-Yzaguirre


Ms. Yzaguirre (forever known as Miss McKay) is beautiful on the inside and out, but don't let looks deceive you....she is extremely knowledgeable, talented, and determined to help students become a success. She is familiar with curriculum as a previous 3rd grade teacher and has excellent management skills. She will be a great addition to the 4th grade team in 2014-15!

What staff say...

Wow! Her energy level is high and she is always up for the challenge - no matter what it is! She accepts each assignment whether working with reluctant students to cleaning cafeteria tables with a smile! She has been a great asset to the 4th grade team this year - we are so thankful to have her helping us with our kids! Ms. Guzman says - "Is she making $5.00"...oh my! ?