Best Attic & Room Conversion Sydney

Excellent Attic and room conversions Sydney

Attic Conversions in Sydney are pioneered in the modification of roof space into rooms. This process was then adapted to “on-roof construction” and includes other integrated roof shapes. We are expert in providing Affordable quality attic room conversions. Attic storage ensures an innovative and productive method of adding space and value to your home. Whether you have too many cherished personal possessions, or require somewhere to keep leisure activity items, an affordable and aesthetically pleasing storage area, is the clever way to organize and manage your belongings. We build all kinds of attic and roof conversions in Sydney from a simple storage attic to council approved attic rooms. Which means that you could have an extra living space and/or bedroom with a proper staircase leading to it? A roof conversion like an attic will add a lot of value to any property at a relatively small cost. The roof space in most houses is ready-made for converting into either extra living or storage space. Maintaining natural ventilation is important and roof lines can be raised to accommodate the tallest members of the household. As attic conversions are still considered a niche’ in the building industry we are often contacted by those who have had their projects stall due to lack of expertise in the numerous areas of compliance.

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