Green Screen in the Classroom

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Why Green Screen?

Do your students like to create films? Do you want to integrate technology in all subject areas with out forcing it into a lesson? Why not try adding a green screen to your bag of tricks. In this session, we will pair the iPad and Green Screen together and bring learning to life in the classroom.

Getting Started

Here are a few iPad apps that I have in my bag of green screen tricks.

Getting Started

1. Green Screen - You will need a green background. Green cloth, table cloth, green science board, folder, paper, bucket, napkins, straws
2. Good Lighting - I have found that the lighting in the classroom has been good enough during the school day. If there are shadows, you have better quality if you light the back of the screen.
3. Quiet on the set! If that is not possible, invest in a microphone or voice over later.

Want More? You need Twitter!

Honestly, the biggest resource I have found has been twitter. I admit that I stalk the DoInk and TouchCast Education twitter handles. I learn from other teachers that are posting the amazing things they are doing in their classroom. I'm excited about their amazing hacks, tips, tricks and ideas. You'll want to follow @DoInkTweets and @TouchCastEdu on Twitter to find constant up to date ideas that can be taken back to the classroom.

Just for Fun or Have a Plan

Using a green screen is a lot of fun. Students will want to experiment and see what they can create for fun. When it's time to show your learning, it's best to have a plan. How will students show you and the world that they have learned something new?

1. Script, Storyboard, rehearse, or talk about what you will say and create.
2. Gather photos, videos, props, and costumes you will need
3. Jobs - camera crew, sound effects, actors and actresses
4. Film - use the iPad with an app that allows you to add a green screen effect

Photos and Videos

1. Take your own photos and videos
2. Draw your own photos
4. Photos for Class
Green Screen Touch Cast Quicky Tutorial
Our Ideas and Creations

Take a minute to share the green screen ideas you have for your classroom. If you made something amazing during this session, take a minute to share it here.

Contact Me:

Karen Wright-Balbier
Instructional Technology Specialist, EPISD
@kbalbier on Twitter

Earl Yager

Instructional Technology Specialist, EPISD

@eyager on Twitter

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