Forgotten Innovators

¥@, Chris, Da Streetz

Nikola Tesla

I was born an Italian farm boy

With the coming years I left for America

I went to school for electricity

After I finished I worked for Edison

He promised a high payoff if I could make my AC power real

However when I finally did Edison lied

He didn’t pay me for it, he rejected it

He knew it would make his DC power worthless.

So I left and marketed it myself

Then when the world’s fair came, I won the battle

The world wanted AC over DC.

Many successes came to me

Loads of patents filed

Many inventions created.

Sadly though, in the older years I went crazy

I lived in a hotel and claimed the impossible

No one believed me, and I passed away

The fact of whether or not I did is for ever a mystery
Nikola Tesla

Charles Babbage

So who am I?

Well you know those gadgets your using in class right now

Yeah, I invented the first, the first computer

But somehow I didn’t get any big media around me

Maybe it was because I was too old

They do call me “the father of computing “ that’s a plus

I was born in London, I taught myself algebra

When I attended the university of Cambridge

I was smarter then my professors, they would say

Everyone did acknowledge me for my smarts

But not for the invention of the computer people use everyday

It’s not fair in my opinion

So the next time you use your computer

Or whatever they call it nowadays remember my name

Charles Babbage.

Robert E Kahn

The world is the way it is because of me

They passed over it in the 80’s

Me and my college spent ages trying to perfect our work

It all payed off in the end and everyone uses our creation

But no one remembers us or who made it

That’s okay because deep down we know

That we have revolutionized the world in more ways than one

The real reward isn’t the fame or the money

It’s the change that came along with it