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Launch Virtual Academy - October 6th, 2021

Start of Second Quarter (Q2)

Q2 runs from October 5th to December 17, 2021.

This quarter has 10 weeks!

We have started second quarter (Q2) - each student is taking three (3) new classes at Launch Academy this quarter. Each quarter class at Launch is equivalent to a semester class at a comprehensive school. Your GOAL is to complete your assigned classes within the 10 weeks of Q2.

Do you need more time to complete a Q1 class?

Students that were not able to complete a class(es) from first quarter (Q1), can still continue working on them for three more weeks (until Oct 22). You can get support from Launch Academy teachers during their office hours.

What if I had a Guest Teacher during Q1? Who do I contact for support to finish my Q1 class?
During first quarter, we had an influx of students and we asked teachers outside of Launch Academy to teach a class. We referred to these teachers as "Guest Teachers". Guest teachers are not longer working with Launch Academy students. If you need to finish a class that you started during first quarter with a Guest Teacher, you can get academic support from current Launch Academy Teachers during their office hours and based on the classes they are teaching during Q2. If you need a quiz to be reset or a test in APEX to be open, you can contact Yadira Conchas at

What if after three weeks you still need more time to complete Q1 class?

  • We will "pause" your class. Your progress and work will be saved and you will continue working on to complete this class(es) during "Credit Completion" periods (Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer School). -This applies for APEX based classes.

Word of Advice:

If you have more than one class from Q1 to complete, concentrate on the class on which you have more progress and complete it during this three week window.

Locating Q2 Classes Schedule

Do You Need A Computer (Device)?

Did you not receive a school issued computer (device)? I have one for you!

  • Please email to confirm a device and set up an appointment for pick up.
  • Devices will be given out at 670 L Street Suite F Chula Vista, Ca 91911.

STUDENT Picture Day and School ID Cards

Launch Virtual Academy will have two days available for you to take school pictures and to receive school ID cards.

Dates and Times:

Monday, October 25th (9am -3pm)

Tuesday November 2nd (9am -12am)


SUHSD Professional Development Center

680 C L Street, Chula Vista, CA 91911

Bring your best SMILE :)

Class of 2022 - Graduation Requirements

California High School Graduation Requirements for SUHSD Class of 2022 Student & Parent FAQ

  • This applies only to the Class of 2022 seniors and current 13th graders (Class of 2021 grade 13 will also be eligible for the CA High School Grad Plan).
  • Counselors will review all senior transcripts and progress towards meeting the California Graduation Plan and will be communicating this information to students.

Message for Seniors @Launch

It is our top priority that you are able to apply to colleges/universities without obstacles, expect email communication from us in the coming days with details on how you will complete college applications and financial aid filing.

You have great future ahead of you!

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We Need Your Participation

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Alternative Household Income Forms

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The Alternative Household Income Form was emailed to all parents on Friday, September 3rd. Please fill this form out ASAP. If you did not receive the email you can access the form using Infinite Campus.

  • Click HERE for directions in English
  • De click AQUI para instrucciones en EspaΓ±ol

Join a Committee

  • School Site Council
  • District Parent Advisory Committee
  • District English Language Advisory Committee

Access Applications HERE

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Launch Academy Systems

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Launch Counseling Services

Do you have questions about your schedule? Do you need information about graduation requirements? Would you like to know what classes will benefit you the most based on your personal interests and aspirations? Do you need to talk to someone?

Feel free to reach out our amazing Counseling Team - click HERE

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SDSU Virtual Admissions Presentations

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The SDSU virtual admissions presentation will take place on:

Date: Thursday, October 7, 2021

Time: 2:15 PM


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Tech Support

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What Are We Working On?

  • Identifying/Hiring more teachers.
  • Identifying/Hiring tutors.
  • Alternative Household Income Applications.
  • Scheduling IEP and 504 Meetings with students, parents, teachers, and administration.
  • WASC Accreditation.
  • College Board Accreditation.
  • Trainings for students, teachers, and parents regarding Launch Academy platforms.
  • Organizing Parent & Student Groups (SSC, ELAC, DELAC, and DEPAC)
  • Athletic Eligibility.

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We want to thank you for entrusting your education with us. We want to make Launch Academy a place where students can be successful based on choice, flexibility, and personalized learning.

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Dr. J. Leo Ulloa

Assistant Principal

Ms. Courtney Quinn

You can find all Launch Staff contact Info HERE