Elementary School Teacher

By: Mikayla Dennehey


What I imagine as a typical day as a teacher is going to class every day from around 8 am to 3 pm, and handing out assignments, taking up assignments, and making sure that everybody is on track. Obviously, I have no experience and I don't know the exact schedule my plans will go, but I plan to take responsibility with the kids and help them make their way through elementary.
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All teachers are required to have a high school diploma and a bachelor's degree. I plan to get my Master's so I will have even more knowledge and be even more prepared for teaching.
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Personal Characteristics

Teachers do best with certain characteristics that include:

  • Patience
  • Passion
  • Courtesy
  • Selflessness
  • Compassion

Working Conditions and Earnings & Job Outlook

  • Working Conditions

Teaching requires a lot of time and energy and I don't want to devote that time and energy until I am completely settled. I will need to get used to moving around a lot and staying healthy so I don't miss any days. I wouldn't be able to travel often because I would be busy during the weekdays.

  • Earnings and Job Outlook

The average pay for an elementary school teacher is approximately $53,000. The high pay is $83,000 and the low pay is $35,000.

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UNT: Known to have a great teaching program, I have been planning on going to UNT ever since the 5th grade. I am Familiar with the town, I know friends who live and will go there.


TSU (San Marcos): Also known to have one of the top teaching programs in Texas, also not too far from home and I have family in the town.


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