Spanish 1 November Update

November 16th 2015

Mid-Term End

Mid-term ends this Wednesday, November 18th. Grade reports will be sent out the week of Thanksgiving. These grades are simply an update as to how students are doing, and will not be used to factor into their GPAs. Please use these reports to make sure your student is staying on track with their semester grade goals. The semester grade is 40% first quarter grade, 40% second quarter grade, and 20% final.

What we're learning

We just finished our second unit and are beginning the third and final unit for the semester. Unit three focuses on describing personalities, physical appearance, and clothing. We are also introduced to two new irregular verbs, "ser" (to be) and "tener" (to have). Students can expect quizzes on verb conjugation and vocabulary throughout the unit.

Extra Help Opportunities

If your student ever needs additional help, here are some opportunities available:

-Log on to for online flashcards and immediate feedback
-Attend free tutoring every Tuesday afternoon at the high school in room 226 directly after school
-See me in ac lab for one on one help (just ask for a pass to see me)
-Visit my website and watch tutorials and instructional videos posted

Helpful Links

Check out the following links for additional help or information!