How To Complete a 1040EZ

By: Devinn Wood

Steps to complete 1040ez

1.) first you will need to gather your W-2 (given to you by employer) and 1040ez (print out yourself on computer).

2.) Than go to line 1 on your 1040ez and you get your information from the W-2 on line 1.

3.) For line 2, look at the W-2 and go to the bottom of the paper where you see interest income and put interest income on line 2 of the 1040ez.

4.) For line 3 put zero if you are unemployed but put how much you get if you are unemployed.

5.) For line 4 add line 1,2, and 3 together on the 1040ez and put that number on line 4.

6.) For line 5 turn the 1040ez paper over and add line 1 of the 1040ez with 350 and put that number on line A on the back. Than read the instructions until you get line G. put the number on line G into line 5.

7.) For line 6 subtract line 4 and line 5, if line 5 is larger than line 4 put zero on line 6.

8.) For line 7 go to your W-2 and look at box 2, put that number on line 7 of the 1040ez.

9.) For 8a put zero if you don't get any income tax, if you do have income tax put your income tax on line 8a.

10.) For line 9 add line 7 and 8a together on your 1040ez and put that number on line 9.

11.) For line 10 look at the back of your W-2 and look for the numbers that line 9 is between and write that number on line 10.

12.) For line 11 if you have a full year coverage put zero

13.) For line 12 add line 10 and 11 together.

14.) If line 9 is larger than 12 go to line 13a and subtract that's how much you are refunded but if line 12 is larger than line 9 than go to 14 and subtract that's how much you owe.

15.) The forms are due on April 15