peter and the star catchers

by: kennedy stone

physical traits

beautiful, kind, & brave

1) "through the wreck of the never land and saving peter in the process" (BRAVE)

2) Peter got distracted by a giggle, and turned around to see a rare sight. a girl (BEAUTIFUL)

3)' she saves peter' (KIND)

charater trait

Beautiful , serviver , faithful

" long curly blandishments brownish hair with green eyes" (BEAUTIFUL)

" they face various advasiries and obstacles" ( SERVIEVER )

" she stands by her friends no matter what " ( FAITHFUL )

Molly aster

Friday, Oct. 10th, 11:30pm

The never land

Hello guys ! Your invited to my get together party! It's at the never land sea & were gonna be having refreshing drinks & fun snacks! Hope to see y'all's there !