Offside Summative

By JanCarlos Terrenzio


My claim is that if you can't find peace and if you can't work work together there will be conflict and violence. Every action come with an reaction. A good action come with a good reaction a bad action come with a bad reaction.

Application to Real Life

So Palestinian people and Israeli people have conflict because they are fighting because of land and religion. So there is conflict between who wants which part of the land and which country can take the most land. So in the video Offsides there is a wall between the Palestinian people and Israeli people and the guards both see each other and they despise each other too. When the soccer game came on it was the only thing making them not killing each other. When a bad action of one of the sides killing the other side happened the reaction was that the Palestinians and Israelis killed each other when the the situation could've ended differently. So like my claim happened to me in real life because I got blamed for something I did not do and it got me angry and I did not take a good action path so I did the opposite reaction a bad one wich landed me a bad reaction which it got me in a lot of trouble with my parents.


There are many perspectives in the video Offsides and what's it's really like with the conflict of that video and the Palestinians and Israelis. So in the video offsides it just like real life there was a wall and the two sides Israelis and Palestinians both despise each other and want to kill each other, but deep down they are the same person. They are scared and they really don't want to kill each other but that's what they were raised and taught to do. Palestinians want all the land and have a different religion and the Israelis want all the land too and also have a different religion. But only one side can have all the land and that's why the sides have that conflict and that's why both sides have different perspectives.


My claim can be found in real life because like if your working as police officer and you take away key evidence to a very important case and this is a bad action and then if someone finds out you took away that evidence. Then there will be a bad reaction cause of the bad action you took or did in the first place. A second example of my claim is if your online and you text something very bad or post something very bad about someone, this a bad action, then you get in trouble for doing that which is the bad reaction because of the bad action u took in the beginning.