Flushed Color Dispersions

Explore the wide array of Flushed Color Dispersions

Colors are employed in a number of applications depending on the purpose to be fulfilled. If you wish to purchase high quality colors then AArbor Colorants is the apt company offering multiple ranges of colors. It is one of the leading Dry Organic Pigment Manufacture of different varieties of shades keeping in mind the requirements of the clients. Customers approaching us look forward for price as well as value so we ensure that your requirements match excellently with our collection. We focus on quality and offer excellent color quality within your budget.

We not only deal with dry color pigments but Flushed Color Dispersions are also available. Flushed colors are more in demand as it includes quality range of colors which can be chosen for making paints, colored plastic materials or ink. We ensure great quality by appointing chemical engineers who track the production of every batch. They are responsible for checking the quality and ensuring that each production satisfies the industry standards. Our inventory is also located in Illinois and Chicago for easy availability of products. Customers will not have any difficulty in reaching us.

We have been the Dry Organic Pigment Manufacture since 1987 and since then we are offering a variety of products to our clients. You can send us a quote for obtaining details about the different products together with its prices so that you can place the order accordingly. If have any query you are most welcome to contact or visit us any time you feel the need.