no one is fair

So Fragile

Majority of people consider women to be fragile, underestimating what they are capable of.
Society has thought women to be fragile physically and mentally, but honestly women are capable of many things sometimes even more than men.

Unfit or Unfair?

Women are expected to be good and under the control of men, Society sees them unfit to be independent.
The standard has been set to women being unfit to be independent and require the guidance of a man and that the man rules the relationship. This is not true, anyone can be raised to be independent and take the dominant role of the relationship it all depends on personality.

My Right or Your Right?

No matter the gender everyone will fight for their rights whether it be civil rights or the rights the person believes in.
Everyone has the right to freedom and do what they consider right and should not be restricted from their rights. Also Civil rights are granted to all people not just men. For no one is higher or lower than anyone else.


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