The Renaissance art

Renaissance architecture,sculpture and painting.


It found its inspiration in Italian models.There are 3 periods in its evolution:

1.Plateresque style: (1500-1530) Its name comes from "work of a silversmith"

Inside-- Gothic forms are kept

Outside-- Incorporated Renaissance decorative motifs(coats of arms,medallions,pinnacles)

Examples: Facades of the University of Salamanca & Convent of San Marcos(Leon)

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2.Purist style: (1530-1560)

·Adopted to Renaissance elements in the building structure.

·Has enlarged decorative elements.

Examples: Palace of Charles I in Granada, Palace of Monterrey in Salamanca and the facade of the University in Alcala de Henares.

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3.Herreriano style: (1560-1600) Its name comes from the architect Juan de Herrera.

·Characteristics: simple structures,slate roofs,bare decoration

Examples: Monastery of El Escorial

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Spanish sculpture had a unique style:


-made of painted wood

-realistic images

-most themes are religious

-statues were used for altarpieces and chapels

Examples of sculptors:

-Alonso Berruguete: Sacrifice of Isaac

-Juan de Juni: Entombment of Christ,Virgin of Anguish

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Spanish painters were influenced by the Italian masters and the themes they painted were mostly religious.

Examples of Spanish painters:

Pedro Berruguete

Vicente Masip

Juan de Juanes

Luis de Morales

Domenico Theotocopuli

Domenico Theotocopuli (EL GRECO):

-Personal and unique works.

-He drew elongated figures with complicated postures

-Illuminated paintings with strong,bright and unreal light.

-Peculiar colours with different shades : blues,greys,greens,violets and oranges.

-Religious themes(inspired in ideas of the Catholic Counter-Reformation)



-The Martyrdom of St. Maurice(1580)

-The Burial of the Count of Orgaz(1588)


-The Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest

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Here you have a video in which there are more examples of Renaissance art.
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