Wally, here are 10 FREE ClickBabies. Post Away.

Post Relevant Content Instantly & Promote Your Business Quickly Anywhere

Hi Wally. Enjoy these 10 ClickBabies on the house. Just click on the link above... for more info go to

What are ClickBabies?
ClickBabies are hyperlinks that post to relevant content for your industry or target niche. A few seconds after the viewer visits the url associated with the link your advertisement will pop up!

How can you use ClickBabies?

Social media drives a substantial amount of B2B business nowadays. A great way to get attention (and leads) for your business is to post relevant comments on various social forums like Linkedin Groups, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc.

ClickBabies enable you piggyback off of almost ANY website you choose and your advertisement will always pop up! You can literally post an article that you found on the Wall Street Journal and your ad will be overlaid on top of the WSJ web page!

See for yourself...

Why is this good for my business?
  1. NO need to create original content.
  2. Piggyback off of the popularity of professionally written and highly trafficked websites, blogs and videos
  3. Post totally relevant, helpful stuff. Never considered spam.
  4. Your freakin ad pops up on any webpage you choose!!
  5. Watch the leads flow in...

Why ClickBabies?

ClickBabies is a unique and time saving service. You can purchase software and create similar links yourself, but if you want to create 20, 30, 50, 100, or even 1000s of links this will take you HOURS or DAYS to do it yourself (even if you hire an army of assistants).

Our proprietary service can create 100s or even 1000s of ClickBaby links for you and deliver them the next day. We can curate the content for you so that each link that we give you is relevant to whatever forum you are posting on. The more relevant the content the more views your advertisement will receive.


  • 24 hour turnaround on every order up to 1000 links
  • Professionally curated content specific to your target niche
  • Pop up timing- Your ad can pop up 3 seconds to over a minute after page load
  • Several flexible and affordable pricing options