Updates on Virtual Learning

Labor Day Version 2020

Lincoln Elementary (K-5)

Principal: Colleen Whooley Jepson

Administrative Assistant: Rebecca Gartmann

Address: 720 S. 6th Avenue

Wausau, WI. 54401

Phone: 715-261-0965

Website: http://lincoln.wausauschools.org/

Principal Points

Wow! Some great news this year...we've had a few different persons join our wonderful Lincoln staff. You may have met them at your child's conference. If not, please note the following new staff for the 2020-21 School Year:

  • Rebecca Gartmann - administrative assistant (replacing Julee Pelot who has retired after 30 years) - she will be the new voice on the other end of the phone...tomorrow will be her first day in the district! Welcome Rebecca!
  • Lorie Lehman - SPED teacher for the medically fragile
  • Nicole Yunk - SPED teacher for emotional and behavioral disorders (replacing Alisa Lor who has chosen to be a stay-at-home mommy)
  • Tom Xiong - EL translator (replacing Bor Her who has resigned)
  • Grace Hardinger - SPED para (replacing Nicole Yunk who has moved into the lead teacher postion)
  • Jennifer Wirt - SPED para (replacing Patrick Richardson who moved to John Muir)

Please remember our PPF - BE POSITIVE, BE PATIENT, and BE FLEXIBLE. We are all doing our best with all the new pieces in place. Following are some "to dos" to help you get ready for a successful school year.

Yours in partnership

Colleen Whooley Jepson, Principal

Don't Forget....

  • Plug in your ipad tonight so that it's ready to go in the morning.
  • School starts at 8:30 with the tardy bell at 8:35.
  • School ends at 3:30.
  • School runs Monday thru Thursday. Friday is a day to catch up on any missing work and is time for teachers to plan for the next week.
  • Students are expected to join their google meets and remain in the google meets with their video on so that teachers can mark them present. (Please see google meet expectations below).
  • Parents...if you have not downloaded the seesaw family app, it is very important that you do so before tomorrow so that teachers may reach out to you. You cannot reach out to teachers until they have connected with you...but we have a number of families who have not yet downloaded the family app.

Attendance Matters

We will be taking attendance daily even while in virtual learning. If your child will be missing part of a day due to a doctor or dental appoints, please call the office. If your child will be missing a day due to illness, please call the office before 9:00 am. 715-261-0965. Thank you!

Google Meet Expectations

Be Responsible

  • Gather your materials before the meet

  • Find a quiet place with no distractions

  • Be on time

  • Remember that this google meet is a class meeting. We would ask siblings, parents, and pets to avoid taking part of the class meeting as it may disrupt the flow of the meeting.

  • Use the chat responsibly (to ask questions about the topic or to ask to speak)

Be Respectful

  • Mute your mic when you are not talking

  • Raise your hand to talk

  • Look at the speaker

  • Focus on the conversation; don’t do anything else

  • Sit in a chair or criss cross on the floor as you would in class.

  • Set up the ipad so that the teacher and your classmates can see your face

Be Compassionate

  • Think before you talk

  • Use your manners

  • Ask and answer questions related to the topic

  • Take turns when speaking

  • Nod or give a thumbs up to show you are listening

We want to stay connected with you!

Don't forget to download the parent/family app or sign up on any computer by following the following steps:

  1. Download 'Seesaw Family' from the App Store or Google Play Store. Don’t have a smartphone? Sign up on a computer at app.seesaw.me.

  2. Tap 'Create Family Account' and scan the QR code on the handout that your teacher passed out. Make sure it says your child's name at the top.

  3. Create your account to see your child's journal! Make sure to allow notifications to get real-time updates about new posts.

Have more than one child?

Using the QR Code:

  1. Sign in to your family account.

  2. Tap your profile icon (top left).

  3. Tap “+ Add Child's Journal”.

  4. Scan the QR code for your other child.

Using the Sign Up Link:

  1. Follow the link on the handout or email.

  2. Choose your child from the list.

  3. Click the "Sign in" tab, instead of creating a new account.

  4. Sign in to your account.

  5. Your child's teacher will need to approve your connection, and once they do, you'll see all updates.

Following are some great video directions for SeeSaw


All of the above directions were taken from the seesaw website.

Lincoln Staff

Following is a list of staff members at Lincoln for this year. I thought it may be handy for you all to have so you know who your child is interacting with online:

Pupil Services Team

Mrs. Karpinsky - Social Worker

Ms. Poncek - School Counselor

Mrs. Reimann - School Psychologist

Encore Teachers

Ms. Cumberland - Music

Mrs. Duesselmann - Science

Mrs. Gilbertson -- Library

Mrs. Jaglinski - Gifted/Talented

Ms. Lindberg - Art

Mrs. MickBeversdorf (aka Mrs. B) - Phy Ed

Ms. Poncek - Guidance

Regular Education Teachers

Mrs. Giese - Kindergarten

Mrs. Peterson - Kindergarten

Mrs. Cegielski - 1st grade

Mrs. Giebel - 1st grade

Mrs. Tiffany Hessil - 2nd grade

Mrs. Thao - 2nd grade

Mrs. Gast - 3rd grade

Miss McKellips - 3rd grade

Mr. Hagedorn - 4th grade

Mrs. Zoch - 4th grade

Mrs. Kramar - 5th grade

Mr. Niemeyer - 5th grade

Special Education Teachers

Mrs. Dahnke - Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Reiche - Speech/Language

Ms. Lehman - multicategorical (works mainly with medically fragile students)

Mr. Nygaard - multicategorical (works mainly with grades 4-5)

Miss Vils - multicategorical (works mainly with grades K-3)

Ms. Xiong - adaptive physical education

Miss Yunk - multicategorical (works mainly with students with emotional/behavioral disabilites)

English Learner/Bilingual Teachers

Mrs. Bennett

Mrs. Vang

Mrs. Veenstra

Title Teachers

Mrs. Burke

Mrs. Imhoff


Ms. Deuitch - cafeteria

Mrs. DeValk - lead cafeteria

Mrs. Dreikosen - G2M coordinator

Mrs. Fortenberry - Special Education

Miss Hardinger - Special Education

Mrs. Lenz - Title

Ms. Mletzko. (aka Ms. Roxann)- Bilingual

Ms. Taylor - Health room

Mrs. Wirt - Special Education

Ms. Wollenzein (aka Ms. Brea) - Special Education

Mrs. Yang - English Learners

Mr. Xiong - English Learners

Miss Zahrt - Special Education

Custodial Staff

Mr. John - night custodian

Ms. Cindy - night custodian

Mr. Jeff- lead custodian


Mrs. Whooley Jepson (many students/families just refer to me as Mrs. Jepson)