Presenting the DUGONG

See Me and You Be The Judge

Come See Me! I usually swim around the Indian Ocean and the Southeastern coast of the Pacific !!!

Been mistaken as a mermaid for the longest, even before when your parents were born. Is it because of my tail cause it's definitely not my face, I hope not. But yes, it's true, I'm enough to be thought of a mermaid, but I do think I'm way more fabulous than them. We do belong to the same order of species called Sirenia, but mermaids are like those cousins you're not even sure if they exist. Come and see for yourself! Would you think I am a mermaid?

I am a mammal and I'm strictly vegetarian (cause you know, gotta watch my figure). I have a permanent smile on my face, cute right? Come see me, you wouldn't wanna miss this face.

What in the World is a Dugong?

***Not to be confused with a manatee

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Dugong 'Karl' singing/whistling Marsa Egla, Red Sea, Egypt