Alba Middle School

Back to School Newsletter

Welcome Back to School!

Whether you and your family have chosen to return to school in-person or will continue with remote learning, the faculty and staff at Alba are excited to continue our school year!

This newsletter will include some important information regarding the reopening of school. Keep an eye out for more newsletters coming to your inbox this year!

Return to School Dates

October 5- 6th grade students return to school

October 12- 7th grade students return to school

October 19- 8th grade students return to school

Uniform Policy for remainder of 1st quarter

All students will be required to wear a face covering on campus. Face coverings must be school appropriate. Inappropriate images or words or any political messages will not be allowed on face coverings or masks.

Tops: red polo shirts or Alba spirit shirts.

Bottoms: khaki uniform style pants or shorts (length must be appropriate).

Supplies Needed

Students who are returning for face-to-face learning will need to bring the following supplies to school each day:

- Laptop (device must be brought to school charged each day, students will be using Schoology in the classroom each day.)

- Laptop charger

- Laptop case or bookbag to safely transport the device

- Face covering

- Headphones

- Water bottle (water fountains will not be available at this time, it is suggested students bring their own water.)

Students will also need these basic school supplies:

- Paper

- Pens and Pencils

- Hand-held pencil sharpener (to avoid students sharing the classroom pencil sharpener)

- Binder or notebook to hold materials

- Colored pencils, markers, or crayons

- Ruler

- 4 Function Calculator

8th grade students will need graph paper as well.

If possible, please also send hand-sanitizer, wipes, and Kleenex with your student.

We have attached a more detailed list that students will need later during the school year as things return to a more normal state for your reference.

Fees and Items for Sale

Please see our revised fee list for students who are returning to school for Face-to-Face in the upcoming weeks.

We will collect fees and sell these items on these dates from 8-12 at the front of the school.

6th grade will be 9/29

7th grade will be 9/30

8th grade will be 10/1

21st Century Learning Program Starting Soon!

This program is free to all Alba Middle School students. Registration will begin soon.

Alba was awarded the 21st Century Community Learning Center Competitive Grant by the Alabama State Department of Education.

This grant provides for numerous enrichment opportunities after school. We will offer students a broad array of academic and extracurricular activities, including robotics, coding, individual and small group counseling, dance, homework help, health and wellness, tutoring, stem activities, and other educational services to the families of participating students. Transportation will be provided in the afternoons.

Information about registration will be released soon. The program will begin in October.

I-Ready Diagnostic

Please encourage your students to finish their I-Ready diagnostic tests in Reading and Math as soon as possible. Teachers will be using this data to help students.