South Dakota

Mount Rushmore state

Basic Facts

Here's the basic facts about South Dakota. The capitol is Pierre. Its in the US region of Midwest. The state animal is a coyote. The state bird is a ring necked pheasant and the state flower is a Pasque flower. South Dakota is the 40 state in the US.


Here's two land forms from South Dakota. One is prairies prairies are common in eastern South Dakota. There are also a lot of mountains in the prairies. The other land form is a river. There's two major rivers in South Dakota the Sioux River and the Missouri river. The Sioux river in South Dakota is a very big River. Those are two land forms in South Dakota.
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Natural Resources and Jobs

Here's some natural resources in South Dakota. They farm corn, dairy, wheat and they raise livestock they also mine steel a lot. The jobs are farming processing making cars and mining.

Winter Goliath

Here's a major storm in South Dakota. The Winter Goliath blizzard was one one of the worst storms in South Dakota. There was so much snow fall people have things ready just in case it happens again.