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September 7, 2015

Dear Eagles,

In just a couple of weeks, Quail Valley will celebrate it's 40th Anniversary! This is a time to commemorate and celebrate the birth of not only our building, but the start of a great legacy in learning and education.

In 1975- our school was born! It was rebuilt again in 2008 and after 9/11 our colors our colors changed from green and white to red, white, and blue to demonstrate patriotism. At the same time our mascot changed from the falcon to the Eagle. So what does all of this mean to our existence?

If we examine our history- Quail Valley has always been an agent of change. I would like to take a closer look at the meaning of the Eagle and what our mascot says about our school and community. But most important- what does it say about our legacy?

In an article titled, "Eagle Power Animal Symbol Of Spirit Vision And Strength" the author, Ina Woolcott, shares some interesting facts about the Eagle. As you read these facts, take a moment and reflect on your gifts and how your talents will continue to help our great school strive not for good - but for greatest.

Take a look at my interpretations of Woolcott's symbol of the Eagle and what it means to our school mission and vision.

  • From eagle we learn that life looks different from an aerial perspective. We need to take a new view on the challenges in our lives. If we don’t readily find solutions it may be because our vision is too limited to see the solutions that are so glaringly obvious. [Spears- We understand that problems are not solved from the level of our classrooms. We have to look at the school holistically to rise to a level of solutions.]
  • The eagles home is the freedom of the sky. He spends most of his time fearlessly flying high above, bridging heaven and earth, scanning below carefully. Their vision is 8 times stronger than humans, enabling them to see prey miles off. [Spears- Because we all see ourselves as leaders - we are taking 100% responsibility for our success and developing successful learning opportunities for our students. We have the courage, vision and freedom to create innovative ways to respond to student learning].
  • Eagles beak is connected to his jaw and the strongest part of his body. It is designed for breaking and crushing. We are reminded to pay attention to our speech and how it affects others. What we say and tone of our voice should be examined. We mainly use our jaws for speaking. The lesson here is to control what we say, how much and when. Uncontrolled talk makes it easy to hurt someone verbally, to break or crush them with your words. [As leaders, we also understand that our words carry power- we speak those things that we wish to live in our community. We treat one another (including our students and families) with the utmost respect and understand that we are always modeling the behaviors we wish to see.]
  • The vision they posses helps us learn to take a step back and view the bigger picture. We need to view the past and the present objectively, while looking towards the future. [Spears- As we appreciate and celebrate our past, we are excited about the future and what it means to the world of education. We know that we are destined for greatest and each of us plays an important part in creating our legacy.]

So as we look towards the future- what will be your role in helping Quail Valley Elementary become the premier learning community?

You can read Woolcott's entire article here:


Let's make it a great week or not. The choice is yours.

Principal Spears

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What's Up at QVE?

Monday, September 7th Labor Day Holiday (No School)

Tuesday, September 8th Professional Learning Communities begin (7:30 - 8:30) Prek-2nd

Wednesday, September 9th Spirit Night at Chick-fil-a! Leadership Team will be present!

Friday, September 11th PDAS Self- Reports, Part I due to your Appraiser

Monday, September 14th Grandparent's Day *more info coming soon!

Tuesday, September 15th Faculty Fund Due to Ms. Rodriguez

VIPS 101 - Homeroom Parent Meeting at 8:15

Thursday, September 17th QVE Open House 6:00 - 7:30

Saturday, September 19th - QVE Skeeters Spirit Night at Constellation Field at 5:00 pm

Tuesday, September 22nd QVE Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Friday, September 25th Holiday/Fort Bend County Fair Day

Testing Windows

PAPI Window: The PAPI window is open from 8/24-10/2

DRA Window: The window opened 8/24 and closes 10/2. You have plenty of time to complete; starting tomorrow, you have 26 school days. J

Math DNA: The window to administer the performance Math DNA is Aug. 31-Sept. 11

Grade Reporting Information

  • August 24th Start of Grading Period #1
  • September 11th Progress Report #1
  • September 15th Progress Report #1 goes home
  • October 2nd - Progress Report #2 (end of 1st six weeks)
  • October 6th - Progress Report #2 goes home
  • October 16th - End of Grading Period: REPORT CARD #1
  • October 20th - REPORT CARD #1 Goes Home

*Please subscribe to activities calendar to review other important dates and information. Need help subscribing? Contact Ms. McKinnon at shelley.mckinnon@fortbendisd.com

Welcome Kim Roberts, our new 5th grade teacher

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QVE Mission (Revised)

Our leadership team got together to review our school mission to ensure it clearly states the belief of our teachers, students, and families. We will be copying the updated mission for you to replace page 5 of your staff handbook.

Mission: Quail Valley Elementary exits to inspire and equip all learners to create innovative solutions to learning by becoming leaders of their own learning.

Vision: Leading and Learning Everyday.

Campus Learning Goal #1: Students will be provided with opportounities to learn beyond the walls of their grade level classrooms (flexbile grouping, common learning areas, collaboration experiences for teachers and students).

Campus Learning Goal #2: Teachers will discover innovative, creative solutions to learning in order to meet the diverse needs of individual students.

Campus Learning Goal #3: Teachers and students will monitor and track learning progress as well as strategies to improve overall performance (student data notebook, teacher data notebook, student-led conferences, professional learning communiities, common planning time, etc.)

Campus Learning Goal #4: All students will meet grade level or above performance in reaching their reading reading and math goals.

Campus Learning Goal #5: All Learners will utilize current trends in technology to enhance learning in the classroom and beyond (Facebook, smartphones, Twitter, Edmodo, etc.)

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Quail Valley Elementary Leadership Essay Contest

Quail Valley Elementary students in grades 3rd -5th are invited to enter our Leadership Essay Contest beginning Wednesday, September 9, 2015. QVE

prides itself in being a leadership development school, teaching studentsskills that will empower them to make decisions that will lead to a successful life.

To enter this contest, students will respond to the following questions: What is leadership? How has leadership helped me in school? How will it help me in life?

Entry Guidelines:

1. Students must respond in 300 words or less.

2. Entries must be handwritten by the student and in legible form.

3. All entries should include students first and last name, date of entry, grade level, and teacher’s name.

4. All entries will be scored by a team of educators using the rubric on the opposite side of this flyer.

5. Students must be able to read their essays in a loud voice, articulating words clearly, fluently, and with appropriate expression and motions.

6. Entries must be submitted to the front office by 4:00 pm on Monday, September 14th.


· Two winners will be selected to read their Essays during the QVE 40th Anniversary on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 from 4:00 pm. – 5:30 pm.

· Winners will also be asked to read their entries on morning announcements where they will be recorded and featured on our school website.

*Applications will be available outside the cafeteria next to Student Council Applications.

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Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) Begin Tomorrow!


Our Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) begin tomorrow, September 8th at 7:30 am! First up- PreK - 2nd.

Our PLC's will be a time for us to examine learning outside the walls of our classroom and grade levels as we extend our conversations about student progress throughout the halls of our school. We will not only talk about grade level successes and challenges but will look at how one impacts another as we share the belief that "all kids are our kids!"

We will begin promptly at 7:30 am in the library and everyone should be available to support our students with getting to the gym with ease. Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Jones sent out instructions on your roles during this process last week. Make sure you read it thoroughly so that you know what to do.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the morning as we begin to collaborate on ways we can help "all" students perform at their personal best!
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Student Led Announcements coming Wednesday, September 9th!

Get ready to Tunein2 Student-Led Morning Announcements. This year, we're doing it a little differently. Each class will have a full-week to cover morning announcements in our news room. Ms. Rodriguez sent out a tentative agenda for you to follow when your class is in charge, but we always encourage innovation and creativity. Please practice logging in to Tunein2 to ensure you're able to view the announcements. Ms. Briggs- emailed the directions below. If you need assistance with this, please contact Ms. Briggs and she'll be happy to help! This is going to be a wonderful way to support student leadership!

Instructions to log into Tunein2:

1. In Internet Explorer, type in the search box: tunein2.fortbendisd.com

2. Once it opens, your user login will be:

User name: first name.last name

Password: Email password

3. Once you are logged in, look to the left side and there should be the word categories. Go to elementary schools and look for QVE. Click on it and you should pull up our broadcast.

4. Broadcast starts at 8:15 every morning. If everyone tries to log in at around the same time, the system gets backed up and you may not be able to view the broadcast. I recommend logging in when you arrive on campus and have it waiting for our announcements to start.

5. Make sure you use Internet Explorer as your browser- It is the preferred browser to view.

6. If at any time you have issues with logging in, viewing, or hearing the broadcast, submit a case so someone can come out and fix any issues.

Staff Development Opportunties from Ms. Portugal, Our Wonderful Reading Specialsit

K-2 Guided Reading

Thursday, September 24, 4-7

Blue Ridge Elementary

EELA 1129.001

Register in eLearning! J

Running Records I

Tuesday, September 8, 4-7

Townewest Elementary

EELA 1810.001

Interactive Grammar

Tuesday, October 13, 4-7

Highlands Elementary

ELA Interactive Notebook: Fiction/Literary Nonfiction

Tuesday, September 8 AND Thursday, September 10, 4-7

E.A. Jones Elementary

EELA 0907.002

Let’s Get Your Reading Area Organized – Part I

Monday, September 21, 4-7

Sienna Crossing Elementary

EELA 1207.001

Let’s Get Your Reading Area Organized – Part II

Monday, September 28, 4-7

Sienna Crossing Elementary

EELA 1208.001

STAAR – 3-5 Personal Narrative

Tuesday, September 8, 4-7

Mission Glen Elementary

EELA 1938.001

STAAR – 3-5 Expository

Tuesday, October 6, 4-7

Meadows Elementary

EELA 1939.001

Introduction to Analysis Pyramid – Becoming Literacy Detectives

Sept. 9 & Sept. 16, 4-6

Sugar Mill Elementary


Settler’s Way Elementary

*I have eLearning registration numbers. J

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Friendly Reminder: Copier Allotments

Dear Team,

Please remember that Quail Valley is not a worksheet driven environment. We already have teachers who have reached 4,000 copies in only one month.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when making copies, effective immediately. The district bases our copy allotment on enrollment.

Copy reports will be run monthly and be reviewed by Ms. Spears and Mr. Strutton. If allotted copy amounts are exceeded Ms. Spears/Mr. Strutton will conference with you.

1. Teachers – 2000 copies per month

2. Para-professionals/volunteers copying for teachers will use the teacher’s copy code. If copying for entire grade level(kinder) divide the copies amongst 4 copy codes

3. Specialists - 500 per month

4. Front office copier usage – Admin/office only. Do not send students to the office to have copies run for the classroom.

5. For your reference – 2 sided copies count as 2 clicks. It saves on paper, but not on copy counts.

6. Do not use classroom or lab printers to print class sets.

Please utilize electronic communication with parents whenever possible.

A report will be run at the end of each month and codes will be reset to zero.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Ms. Spears or Mr. Strutton for help.

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Thanks to All who wore BLUE on Friday to Support our Law Enforcement Officers!

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Access to Textbooks


Please be aware of standard textbook availability for student check out and online access. The standard approach for most classes is that class sets or consumables are available and students are given the opportunity to request a personal hard copy of a textbook as well as receive online access. In some cases (SS and Math for example) the district has ordered one text per student and these are also available to students to check out upon request.

Each year there will be some texts that are not available from the publisher on the first day of school, but these back-ordered textbooks typically arrive within the first two weeks of school. In the interim the publisher offers access to the texts electronically or in some cases even in printed hard copy for some chapters. Also, our curriculum in PCG has embedded instructional resources available aligned with the curriculum.

It is not appropriate to message parents, “We don’t know when we will get the textbooks and we find other/our own resources.” It would also not be accurate to say, “Students cannot request a hard copy of the text because we are only given a limited supply or a class set.”

Let's share an accurate message regarding access to textbooks when communicating with our students and parents.

If you have questions about textbooks, please email or see Mr. Strutton.

Daily 5 In Action

Daily 5 (Professional Development For Teachers .com)

Daily 3 Math- In Action

Daily 3 Math Presentation