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Parent Express Bulletin #15

Changing the World (Now THAT's a catchy title!)

Dear HBMS Families,

On behalf of our Middle School Faculty and Staff, Season's Greetings!

December is such an exciting and busy month, in our schools and in our homes. It's also an ideal time to celebrate our time together, as a middle school community. You will see, from following the PTO PEX and our Weekly Calendar of events that there are amazing things happening in our school, and this week is no exception!

Do you want to know more about "changing the world"? The video from Kid President and resource collection below is a great place to start. As always, we hope these articles, photos, and video clips will empower our parents, our students, our middle school families, and our school in our work together to make the most of our middle school years together.

As always, we're grateful for the critical role our families serve in our school-home partnership!


Dennis Schug

We Are HBMS!

Resources to Support our Middle School Journey

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This Week at HBMS!

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