by Chris Wooding

Tall Jake is Coming for You...Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid

A new dark world.

In this novel, two kids make a ritual for the evil entity known as Tall Jake to steal them away to his world...Malice. In this new world, Seth and Kady meet up with another teen named Justin. he has survived in Malice for years and knows a way out. All this time Justin was waiting for someone to help him escape Malice and the cold grasp of Tall Jake...forever.

Book trailer This video contains jumpscares, flasing lights, and scary content. Viewer disgrestion advised.
Malice by Chris Wooding (book trailer)

Cast for Malice if it were a Movie

Who is Chris Wooding?

Chris Wooding is the author of the Malice series any other cool titles. He usually writes books for children but has made some for adults as well. Other titles of his work include "Pale, Poison, Ace of Skulls, Silver, and Storm Thief". His books for young adults are moderately creepy or scary, and his adult novels are complicated mysterys and action thrillers.

This Flyer was made by Austin S

Austin S only likes using technology and learning about paranormal concepts. He also likes comic literature so Malice was the perfect book for him, a blend of comic and paranormal, and it is the ONLY book he ever wants to read. Even though it was 14 years since he was born he still only wanted to read Malice. once he heard about a sequel to this book (Havoc) he couldn't wait to finally use his money on a book for the first time ever. (Not a picture of Austin on left)