Devault Murder Case

By Brooks & Trey

Case Overview

The Devault murder case was the case of whether or not Marissa Devault had murdered her husband. His death was caused by large amounts of blunt force trauma to the head. The weapon used was a hammer from the house's bathroom.

For a long time, Devault felt used and abused by her husband. He would frequently assault her, physically and sexually, sending her to the hospital on multiple occasions. The final straw was when he raped her in her sleep on the night of the murder.

After he had fallen back asleep, she had got up and grabbed a hammer after using the bathroom and returned to the bedroom and began beating his head with the hammer, leaving large amounts of medium velocity blood splotches and cast off blood.

Case Analysis

We determined that Devault deserved to be convicted of the murder of her husband. This is due to three main factors, the blood spatter evidence, the definition of self-defense, and Devault's testimony. The blood spatter evidence appeared to illustrate multiple and forceful blows to the head, consistent with Devault's testimony.

She claimed to have attacked him in self-defense, yet this would mean that she began her counter-assault while he was attacking her. She said however, that she went to the bathroom after her husband had gone back to sleep, and then grabbed a hammer when she returned to their bedroom and bludgeoned her husband to death. This separation of time and the indication of violent intent to harm, as opposed to incapacitation for safety, would classify this as a murder instead of a case of self-defense.