New Books!

May 2, 2016


000s Computer Science, Information, and General Works

004.678 SAL American girls: Social media and the secret lives of teenagers (2016) by Nancy Jo Sales

006.7 PAR *Online social networking (2011) by Peggy J. Parks

025.216 VNW The weeding handbook (2015) by Rebecca Vnuk

100s Philosophy & Psychology

152.47 FIE Why we snap: Understanding the rage circuit in your brain (2015) by R. Douglas Fields

158.1 COV Primary greatness: The 12 levers of success (2015) by Stephen R. Covey

300s Social Scienes

302.231 STA Writing on the wall: Social media-the first 2,000 years (2013) by Tom Standage

302.3028 SOC Social networking (2015) edited by Daniel Gaetan-Beltran

303.48 DOE **Does the internet increase anxiety? (2016) edited by Tamara Thompson

303.4833 SCH Online health and safety: From cyberbullying to internet addiction (2016) by Bernadette H. Schell

303.64 GOL Revolutions: A very short introduction (2014) by Jack A. Goldstone

304.83 LAN ##Legal and illegal immigration (2016) by Mark Lane

304.873 BAN ***Immigrant networks and social capital (2014) by Carl L. Bankston III

305.23 LAN The anthropology of childhood: Cherubs, chattel, changelings (2015) by David F. Lancy

305.8 RAC Race/sex: Their sameness, difference, and interplay (1997) edited by Naomi Zack

306.856 SIN #Single-parent families (2016) edited by Margaret Heaerens

306.89 DIV **Divorce and children (2015) edited by Roman Espejo

305.8945 KEN The Sami people of the north: A social and cultural history (2014) by Neil Kent

306.874 BER Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals becoming parents or remaining childfree: Confronting social inequalities (2016) by Cara Bergstrom-Lynch

306.9 LAN ##Death and dying: End-of-life controversies (2015) by Mark Lane

320.5209 DIO Why the right went wrong: Conservatism-from goldwater to the tea party and beyond (2016) by E. J. Dionne Jr.

323.3264 ELE Don’t tell me to wait: How the fight for gay rights changed America and transformed Obama’s presidency (2015) by Kerry Eleveld

324.089 ABR White backlash: Immigration, race, and American politics (2015) by Marisa Abrajano et al.

324.7309 MUT In-your-face politics: The consequences of uncivil media (2015) by Diana C. Mutz

325 TER Whose child am I? Unaccompanied, Undocumented children in U.S. immigration custody (2015) by Susan J. Terrio

325.73 IMM **Immigration reform (2016) edited by Noel Merino

327.73 XU Chinese and Americans: A shared history (2014) by Xu Guoqi

332 CON The book of money: Everything you need to know about how world finances work (2013) by Daniel Conaghan
362.76 MEY ##Child abuse and domestic violence (2016) by Stephen Meyer

363.9609 WIT Reproductive rights: Who decides? (2016) by Vicki Oransky Wittenstein

372.5 DIB 101 easy wacky activities for young children (2000) by Carole H. Dibble

500s Natural Sciences & Mathematics

578.47 FOR Dazzled and deceived: Mimicry and camouflage (2009) by Peter Forbes

600s Technology

641.36 ZAR Meathooked: The history and science of our 2.5-million-year obsession with meat (2016) by Marta Zaraska

642.1097 FAS **Fast food (2015) edited by Tamara Thompson

646.77 BEC Love: The psychology of attraction (2016) by Leslie Becker-Phelps
649.1 DOB The new strong-willed child: Birth through adolescence (1978) by Dr. James Dobson

649.64 NEL Positive discipline (1981) by Jane Nelsen, Ed.D

700s The Arts

738.0973 LYN American studio ceramics: Innovation and identity 1940 to 1979 (2015) by Martha Drexler Lynn

741.092 BEE Pavement chalk artist: The three-dimensional drawing of Julian Beever (2012) by Julian Beever

751.73 BOF Global street art: The street artist and trends taking over the world (2014) by Lee Bofkin

759.13 FOR Walton Ford: Pancha tantra (2015) by Walton Ford

759.25 BAN Banksy: You are an acceptable level of threat and if you were not you would know about it (2015) by Banksy

759.9493 BEC James Ensor 1860-1949: Masks, death, and the sea (1999) by Ulrike Becks-Malomy

760.092 DEI Mayday: The art of Shepard Fairey (2011) by Jeffrey Deitch

779.092 WOO Francesca Woodman (2006) by Francesca Woodman

791.12 BUR Burnt Cork: Traditions and legacies of blackface minstrelsy (2012) edited by Stephen Johnson

791.12 MCA Whiting up: Whiteface minstrels & stage Europeans in African American performance (2011) by Marvin McAllister

793.93 BOG How to do things with video games (2011) by Ian Bogost

796.019 ANS In praise of failure: The value of overcoming mistakes in sports and in life (2016) by Mark H. Anshel

800s Literature

814.6 ALS White girls (2014) by Hilton Als

822.33 ODE Shakespearean language: A guide for actors and students (2002) by Leslie O’Dell

900s Geography & History

959.7043 HAL Peace and freedom: The civil rights and antiwar movements in the 1960s (2005) by Simon Hall

973.711 CAU The causes of the Civil War (1959) edited by Kenneth M. Stampp

973.7114 SIN The slave’s cause: A history of abolition (2016) by Manisha Sinha


B CAE Julius Caesar (2008) by Philip Freeman

B CAE Caesar: A life in western culture (2008) by Maria Wyke

B LEW Walking with the wind: A memoir of the movement (1998) by John Lewis

B RAM Martin Ramirez: Framing his life and art (2015) by Victor M. Espinosa

B WAR Men we reaped (2013) by Jesmyn Ward


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CHB 520 RAB There’s no place like space (1999) by Tish Rabe

CHB WIL The pigeon needs a bath (2014) by Mo Willems

CHB WIL Don’t let the pigeon stay up late! (2006) by Mo Willems


F BOY The tortilla curtain (1995) by T. C. Boyle

F KOE Darkness at noon: A novel (1941) by Arthur Koestler

F DIC David Copperfield (1850) by Charles Dickens

F GRI Playing for pizza (2007) by John Grisham

F STE Treasure Island (1883) by Robert Louis Stevenson

F WES The day of the locust (1939) by Nathanael West

*Compact Research Series

**At Issue Series

***Immigration & Society Series

#Opposing Viewpoints Series

##Information Plus Series