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Types of printed circuit Boards

1)Single-sided Board 2)Double sided Board 3)Multi Layered Board

Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Single Sided Board

This is the very least complex of the printed circuit boards.In the single sided board there is only a single layer of the subtrate. Here all electrical parts and components are fixed on one side.And copper traces are on the other side.

Double Sided Board

Double sided board is the most common type of the board.Where parts and components are attached to both the sides of the subtrate.In such cases double-sided PCB's that have connecting traces on the both sides are used.Usually double-sided printed circuit boards uses through-hole construction for assembly of components.

Multi Layered Board

This PCB consists of several layers of the subtrate that is separated by insulation.Multi layer boards are : 4 layers,6 layers,8 layers and 10 layers.The total number of layers that can be manufactured and can exceed over 42 layers.Here these types of boards are used in extremely complex electronics circuits.

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Assembly and Packaging Benefits:

1)No minimum order quantity

2)High quality production

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In triode electronic product assembly requires a quality production facility and a range of capabilities.

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