Winter 2013-14

It's Been a While...

It's been a while since I've sent out a Smore flyer, so this one will include lots of different activities/photos featuring your amazing kids. These date from October 2013 through the beginning of January 2014.

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FRENCH ONE: Learning to Tell Time in French (and on an analog clock)

While learning to talk about the different courses that they take in school, the French One students also learned to tell time in French. This included a review of both how analog clocks work, and how to tell time according to a twenty-four hour clock, as they do for anything related to schedules in France.

After they learned the basics, we reviewed with a game/activity called "Un, Deux, Trois, …..Faites voir!" [One, Two, Three,… Show me!]. I would say sentences of increasing length and detail about a course that a student has, including at what time. The kids then each set their hand-made paper plate clock to that time. As I walk around the room {sometimes giving small hints}, I find one student who has set his/her clock hands perfectly. When I call out "Un, Deux, Trois, … Faites voir!," all the kids hold up their clocks towards me, and I hold up the clock that I have momentarily borrowed from a student, and show that to the rest of the class, so they can see how their own clocks should look. I then use the name of that one student in the next sentence. And the activity/game continues!

We will, by the way, be using these paper plate clocks again, later in the year, when learning how to use "conversation time" in French. That will be part of our lesson on making plans with friends to go out and do something together.

(Although I didn't have a clear photo to include with this section, I did want to at least tell you about it.)

FRENCH TWO: Charades/Gestures

As we sometimes do in French One, the French Two students created gestures to mime/indicate various new vocabulary expressions. The most recent ones have been about activities that one might do while visiting the French overseas department of la Martinique.

FRENCH ONE: School and Gift Items, part one

To review our vocabulary from chapter three, the kids made their own vocab cards, with colored drawings on one side (along with a pink or blue dot to indicate the gender of each noun), and the French vocabulary on the other side. After I said an expression or a sentence including one of the nouns or colors, the students would look for, find, pick up, and show the appropriate card to their score keeper, and repeat the expression in French. Of course, there were (edible) prizes for the winner of each group, each time we played the game.

FRENCH ONE: School and Gift Items, part two

The students also drew colored pictures about school and gift items, based on written directions in French.

FRENCH ONE: School and Gift Items, part three

The kids also looked at a picture of school items and described everything to a partner. That person then drew what he/she heard. The kids did this completely in French!

FRENCH ONE: School and Gift Items, part four

While listening to some recorded conversations about what people wished to purchase, the students drew pictures (out of order) on individual white boards ("les planches blanches") showing what they heard. They then passed the boards to the person on their left, listened to the recording again, and added more information to that person's board (either adding pictures or labeling the ones that were already there). They passed the boards one last time, adding anything else that they could, before returning the boards to the original artists.

SPECIAL EVENT: Croissant Day!

(We will try to have another Croissant Day towards the end of the school year.)

FRENCH TWO: Describing where Things/People Are Located

As part of learning to describe where furnishings, rooms, and places around town are located, the students had to follow my instructions as to where to place themselves in our classroom, in relation to other students or to things in the room. In order to be allowed to return to their seats, they had to describe (in French) where they were. As students went back to their seats, one by one, the remaining students had to come up with new descriptions of where they were, which did not include saying that they were next to/facing/to the right of/etc. students who had moved.

FRENCH TWO: Giving and Following Directions (in a French City)

The French Two students culminated their chapter on "Getting Around Town" by writing two sets of directions between tourist sites: one in the city of Chartres, the other in Paris. They then read these out loud to a partner, whose task it was to follow the directions on a virtual walk through the French cities, using Google Maps' Street View. Because she and her partner finished with time to spare, one of the students then found (with some information from me) a view of the entrance to my first apartment in Paris. She was even able to direct the view upwards to see my (one) window, way up on the top floor!

FRENCH ONE: Big Numbers

In order to be able to talk about the price of things that they would like to buy, the students needed to practice their big numbers. They worked in pairs to complete dot-to-dot pictures. The numbers, however, were not in chronological order! Each student's partner had a list of numbers to read out loud (in French, of course), that needed to be followed in order to complete the picture.

FRENCH TWO: Mystery Muliti-Lingual Visitor

The French Two students had a mystery visitor who spoke to them about the three languages that she speaks fluently, the several others that she speaks partially, and the various places around the world that she has lived. She also spoke of the different jobs that she has been able to have and enjoy because of knowing these different languages.


Here are some miscellaneous photos of your wonderful kids!


Some up-coming special events:

1) French Two students are having their first Francophone Feast of the year today. Thank you, parents, for all of your help in making this possible. I will include photos in the next flyer.

2) French One students will be learning about the Winter Carnival in Québec, and then having their own "Carnaval," complete with ice castles and snowmen!

3) All students will be able to participate in the FUN-raiser of hard maple syrup candies which I have ordered from Canada. They are individually wrapped, and will cost 25 cents a piece, or 5 for $1. Again, this is not a fund-raiser, it's a FUN-raiser! There will, though, be a bit of extra money afterwards (since I can't have them pay partial cents), and that will go to help fund class activities.

4) All students will be celebrating Mardi Gras on Tuesday, March 4th. More details will be coming on that!

5) As always, if you have any questions, or just want to touch base, my email is: rglucklevine@cbsd.org, and I always enjoy hearing from you!