Kawsar Yasin

Art Student

What we've learned.......

The first several weeks of art was a blur. I've learned so much and it's not just art, I've learned about culture and tradition and some pretty neat art techniques. Along with many other students, I've learned different types of lines and how they can express the mood of the picture. I learned how to do contour drawings with a few simple steps. The next concept we learned was shape and form. We followed the techniques of two amazing artists, Peter Reginato and Henri Matisse while learning the new concept. Soon, October came whizzing by and we have veered our focus onto Mexican culture and heritage with Day of the Dead drawings and paper cutouts. We have applied a lot of the new concepts we've learned onto this project. It was amazing to learn both art and history at the same time! But the most recent project was our grid drawings. We were expected to tie-in our knowledge of shape, form, and value into our drawing. To get into the specifics, we drew either a superhero or a villain. We lightly drew a grid and according to the original picture, we were expected to create an almost identical copy of our character. Our focus this year is on the elements of art, we already learned four, now we have three more to go: texture, color, and space. Like I said earlier, the first several weeks of art was a blur. I cannot wait to see what's in store for us later on in the year!
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