Mr. Judge's 2nd Grade Telegraph!!

9/28/15...Vol. 4

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I hope everyone is well. Please note the cooler (possibly wetter weather) coming, send your child to school with weather appropriate clothing (long sleeves/some kind of jacket). I don't want the kids to start getting sick!
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What's Happening This Week!

2nd Grade is going to be chock full of action this week!! For Science/Social Studies the class will be Exploring Weather & Temperature. For math, the class will work with Counting & Modeling Two- & Three-Digit Numbers. For spelling/phonics, Unit 4 : Out, them, then, she, many. Phonics: ou, ow. In reading, the focus will be on; Author's Purpose, Story Structure, Important Events, Problem/Solution. For writing, the focus will be on Letter Writing.

For more info on our curriculum, or for more practice at home, please visit the 2nd Grade website, attached below!

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Volunteer Meeting, Thursday at 3!

If you are interested in helping out our class this year (which I HOPE you are), there will be a brief meeting this Thursday at 3 PM. PLEASE ATTEND!!!

We LOVE having volunteers!!

We'd love to have you in!!

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See What We're Up To!!!

Please follow us on Twitter @scottjudge07 and #ReaganRays

Also, don't forget to visit the 2nd Grade website!

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Emergency Snack

From time to time, students forget their snack. I have brought in two boxes of Saltines to help students who do not have snack. Could you PLEASE donate a box of Saltines to help with this? Thank you!!
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2 New Items for the Red Folder!!

There are 2 new items in the red folder.

1. The 7 Characteristics of a Happy Child. Please go over these as this is part of our behavior program in 2nd grade.

2. The 'pink' Reading Response sheet. Please use this to assist with the nightly reading group homework. Choose between 2-3 questions based on the genre book your child brings home each night (Fiction/Non-Fiction).

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Have A Great Week!!!

I am VERY grateful for everyone's help and support! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail, or call the school (512) 570-7200. I hope everyone has an AMAZING week ahead!!

Smiles, SCOTT :~)