Top Chef App Smackdown

Janet, Joan, Kasey, Brian, Dwight & Roland

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What are your favorite apps?

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Janet Corder, J2 Training

Color Alive by Crayola (free & in-app purchases) - These coloring pages will entertain and enchant youngsters as well as the oldsters! You'll love the selfie feature! You can purchase pages within the app or buy the coloring books from Toys R Us or Amazon.
Week 1 Trial Download (dragon)
Week 2 Trial Download (fairy)
Google Play Store

Zoobe (free) - Send video messages to friends with the new 3D messaging app.
Google Play Store

Foldify ($3.99) - Create 3D figures on your iPad and then print and fold them into 3D creations. My favorite part - the templates that students can decorate and create their own original figures!
Foldify Zoo ($3.99) - Learn about your favorite animals and create 3D figures of the animals.
Creative Kids - Buy both apps together for $5.99

Word Mover by Read, Write, Think (free) - Students can drag words onto a canvas to create poems and short stories. The app has different canvas backgrounds for the to choose from and allows for students to add words if needed.

FrontBack (free) - Allows you to take a picture with both the front and back camera and then combine them into one image to share.

Google Play Store

Word Clouds (free) - Create and share word clouds with this easy-to-use app!

Dwight Goodwin, Denton ISD

Quizlet (free) - Flashcards & Study Tools that let you study anywhere.

Google Play Store

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard (free)- This app allows you to record your lessons or students can show what they have learned

Duolingo (free)- Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and English.

Google Play Store

Podcast: (Part of iOS) - Listen to great educational podcasts while you are driving to work!

Guided Access

System Setting - Locks down your ipad so students can’t see email, photos, etc.

Joan Gore, J2 Training


Colar Mix (free) - The Augmented Reality site has recently released a new coloring page, the Animal Cell. When activated, students can look at the various parts of the cell and take a quiz. Click here to download the coloring page.
Google Play Store

Landtech esign (free) - Do you ever need to sign documents or forms when you are out of town or not near a fax machine? Using your iPad or iPhone, signing documents with your finger or stylus is very easy.

Chatterpix (free) - Make your photos, friends, pets or drawings talk. Take a photo, draw a line to make a mouth and record your voice and then share with your friends and family. Very creative way for students to introduce themselves.

DisneyNature Explore (free) - Magnificent outdoor animal adventures. Choose either the Brown Bear, Monarch Butterfly, Chimpanzee, African Lion or Loggerhead Sea Turtle for an augmented reality experience.

Brian Grenier, El Paso ISD

Slice Fractions ($2.99) - Learning fractions has never been so much fun! This problem-solving game can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.
Google Play Store

Grid Lines ($1.99) - This Battleship-style math game teaches students the coordinate plane by plotting points in all 4 quadrants. Click here for directions on how to play.

Duet ($15.99) - Duet turns your iPad into a second display for your Mac, using the iPad's charging cord to connect to your computer.

Numbler ($0.99) -Do you love Scrabble or Words with Friends? Try your hand at Numbler, a math game that uses numbers to form equations!

PianoMaestro (free) - Learn to play the piano or practice your skills with this app. PianoMaestro includes hundreds of songs, from easy to play to very challenging.

SnapType (free) - SnapType helps students who struggle with handwriting to keep up in class even when their penmanship holds them back. Students can take a picture of their worksheets or import worksheets from anywhere on their device.

Be My Eyes (free) - This app connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat.

Coming soon for Android!

iCitizen (free) - iCitizen lets you keep track of political issues (elections, the economy, etc.) and voice your opinions directly to your elected officials.

Google Play Store

Google Translate (free) - Easily translate 90 languages with the Google Translate app.

Google Play Store

Kasey Bell, Shake Up Learning & ESC 10

Evernote Scannable (free) - New app that is so awesome! Scan contracts, receipts, business cards, papers, etc.. Save or share documents instantly.

Google + (free) - Google has created their own social network!

Google Play Store

Photo Sphere (free) - Create 360º panorama pictures and publish them to Google Maps.

Simple Transfer

Zaption (free & paid) - This wonderful web app allows teachers and students to turn videos into a complete, interactive experience! Add images, text, quizzes and discussions to private videos as well as those from YouTube and Vimeo to create a “learning tour.”

Canva (free) - Create beautiful designs with this graphic design tool. Tons of photos and illustrations to choose from!

Google Play Store

Tellagami (free) - Create and share quick animated videos called Gamis.
Google Play Store
Tellagami EDU ($4.99) - Worth the price!
Google Play Store

Eraser (free) - Remove the background from your pictures with just a few taps!

Google Play Store

Hootsuite (free) - Share and schedule posts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts all from the Hootsuite app.

Google Play Store

Diigo (free) - Diigo browser brings the best of Chrome’s interface, speed and Diigo's web annotation capabilities to the iPad.

Google Play Store

Roland Rios, Fort Sam Houston ISD

Post-it® Plus (free) - Have a wall of Post It Notes? Scan them into this app and manipulate them digitally. Save and share in a variety of formats!

PhotoMath (free) - The “world’s smartest camera calculator.” Point and shoot at any math problem (up to about Algebra II) and you get not only the answer, but step by step solutions! This is a game changer!

Google Play Store

G-Whizz! ($2.99) - If you use Google Apps, this is simply a Must Have! See all your Google “stuff” in one sleek looking app!

Yapp - Create your own app for your classroom, club, or event at

Google Play Store

Plickers (free) - An easy-to-use student response system that needs only one device. Download and print reponse cards at Look under iPhone Apps.

Google Play Store

TouchCast Imagine (free) - An amazing video recording app that allows you to superimpose pics, websites, twitter feeds, and more. This is one INCREDIBLE app!
Google Play Store

The Cube (free) - Easily broadcast LIVe events from your school using this simple to use app. Sign up for a “Cube” channel at
Google Play Store
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Favorite Apps for Top Chefs or Those Who Like to Dine Out!

Texas Monthly BBQ Finder - The Texas Monthly BBQ Finder will help you discover, discuss, and debate the best BBQ joints in Texas--and worldwide!

Google Play Store

Tab - Need to easily split a restaurant bill? Scan the bill with the Tab app, tap on the items you ordered and the amount you owe will be quickly tabulated. It even includes tax and tip!
Google Play Store

BrewGene - Enjoying that ale? Wanna remember the name of it. Use BrewGene to track and rate your favorite suds and get recommendations from other users!
Google Play Store

Yummly (free) - Recipes & Grocery Shopping List are now right in your own pocket!
Google Play Store

Vivino (free) - This app is always ready to help you pick, remember and share your wines.
Google Play Store

NYT Cooking (free) - Over 15,000 recipes from the New York Times - easy to follow instructions.

Click on this link for the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies -