Digital Waste

Khadime Celestine

Positive Ways

What else can we do with these old computers? Explain.

1. Hand-Me-Down: When the computer systems are replaced in offices, they should be reused in other areas of the company where high-end usage is not required.

2. Selling:Selling any computer hardware not currently being put to good use by the company.

3. Donating:Donating older equipment to one of many charitable organizations.

4.Cannibalizing:Taking the useful parts of a computer before disposing of the rest.

3rd World Melting Computers

How do you feel about the 3rd world melting computers?

I do not like the idea of melting the computers because not only is it harming the economy these people are also putting their lives on the line.

Chinese Workers

Describe the area where the Chinese workers were breaking down the computers?

The area of where the Chinese workers were breaking down the computers was harmful. They were piling up electronic wastes and setting them on fire. The fires burned at lower temperatures than incinerates and released many more pollutants. These people were willing to risk their health for money.

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