Pueblo Revolts

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The Pueblo People

Prior to the Spanish Invasion of the Native American Lands during their conquest of southern America up to Mesoamerica, the native American people were a free agrarian society growing crops like corn, and trading with the other groups around them. The people believed in many god relating to nature whom they praised in order to get things like a good harvest.

The Spanish Invasion of American Indian Tribes

The Invasion of southern America began with the Conquistador Juan De Onate's Invasion. The Spanish saw many opportunity in the new world along with the treasure they stole from the Native people they also saw it as a way to set up territory in a new land.

Leaders during the Pueblo Revolt

Why did the Revolt Happen?

The Pueblo Revolt

The main reason for the Pueblo Indians to revolt against the Spanish was, they were tired of the Christianity being forced on them when they had their own beliefs and if that was shown they would be punished. Another reason that thy revolted was the mistreatment that the Spanish did to them; Enslaving them, maiming, and destroying ancient cultural relics they had.

After the Pueblo Revolt

The Pueblo revolt resulted in the retreat of the Spanish colonists in the Native American territory, a win for the Native people, and the Spanish stayed out of the Pueblo Indians territory for twenty years. In 1692 however the Spanish came back with a invasion for wiping out any Resistance from the natives and gaining control of the area until the 1821 independence from Spain.