Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

By:Bella Hipper

How it all happened and where it happened

It all started with the people that were on the boat and the company was called British Petroleum. It happened when a oil rig exploded and went into the ocean. 126 people were on board and many were asleep. This all happened in Louisiana but it spread all the way to Florida. It was near the gulf of mexico and one of the biggest oil spills ever. The spill happened on April 20th 2010.

The resuelts of all this sad stuff

Fisherman couldn't fish so there was no sea food for them. It was 2 million gallons that spit into the sea. They used chemicals to brake down the oil before it reached the surface of the water. When the people were on the boat the ceiling collapsed. There was more than one explosion and their were no life boats.
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  • Everyone was trying to find the oil workers and get them to the hospitals. They used helicopters and police to save them. Some of them jumped over board.
  • The oil spill killed 11 workers and injured 17 others.

The reason I chose this topic?

The reason I chose this topic so that I could learn something knew and learn about this oil spill. Because I wasn't very familiar with this type of stuff.