US and Canadian Relationships

By: Keely Smith


The US and Canada share many multicultural similarities that lace us together, one of which is economics. Together they are the worlds largest trading collaborators today. Our total investment and trade has gone to about one trillion dollars. They both have stable economies. The US is leading the world in technological advances and has a very large manufacturing business, Canada is nearly all manufacturing and mining. Canada is the US's largest foreign supplier of energy, including oil, gas, uranium, and electric power. We feed off of each other in the since that we trade most of our resources with one another, whether it be manufactured or just natural resources.


Both countries share two borders with each other. About 300,000 people cross the boarders everyday by all types of transportation( planes, cars). Having this amount of people integrating with each other everyday helps us to relate to each other better, share ideas, beliefs and many other things. As well as a British colonial heritage, which has left both of our countries with the primary language to be English. As of now they are also known as the worlds largest trading partners.


The US and Canada are both democratic countries, which both have federal government systems. Federalism is a form of government where by the constitutional right the power is divided between the national and local governments. Both countries believe in a constitutional way of developing a country. Both countries militaries are very cooperative in terms of helping each other out. In several wars have we fought together and we have many agreements and treaties to help each other out when in need.

this means that our military systems are very much alike, except for the fact that we have a lot more people in ours than they do theirs.


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