The High Plains in Texas

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Weathering in the High Plains of Texas

Weathering is a breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces. There is mechanical and chemical weathering. In the high plains of Texas this can occur by ice and snow, heat, drought, flash floods, and tornadoes. Mechanical weathering is when rock is physically broken down an example of that would farming plows going over the rocks.

Chemical weathering would be where rocks break down as a result of chemical reaction an example of chemical weathering would be oxidation because the substance and oxygen forming rust.

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Deposition in the High Plains of Texas

Deposition is the process which sediment is laid down in location. Deposition is deposited by wind, tornados, man made, farming , and construction.

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Erosion in the High Plains of Texas

Erosion is the moving of rock material from one place to another place. Some types of this are wind, water, and gravitational. In the High Plains of Texas we see erosion caused by tornados, flash floods, wind.

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Where are the High Plains located at in Texas

If you are wondering where the High Plains in Texas is located well I will tell you. The High Plains is located in the western part of Texas.

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