Slaves were used for work during the 1600s to the 1800s


Slavery started in 1619 and the slaves were used for work and many other things. Slavery ended in 1863 but it still happens till this day but its called "human trafficking"

Slavery back then

Slaves were stolen for their counties and brought over to the US and other places. But slavery was used everywhere in the US but was soon banned in the north because they thought it was wrong and that the constitution said that all men are equal. But the south didn't care about the north all they cared about was the slaves working by picking cotton then having the cotton sold to the north. But later after the years of slavery it was soon made illegal everywhere in the US.

Slavery now

Slaves are still stolen from countries but most Africa and India or are slaves already in those areas. But there is still some of them slavery in the US but they aren't used for work. They are used for many things like work in some small industries. So its still a thing but there is less then there was back in the 1600s to the 1800s.

Plantation owners houses

This is what some or most of the houses back in the south looked like if you were rich from selling slaves or selling cotton.

Plantation field

This what the plantation fields could or did look like during slavery.

Underground Railroad

This is some of the paths that the slaves took after the escaped from the south