Linda's Oily Update!

May 2016

Summer Is Near

Did you know there are some essential oils you should be careful when using this summer? Some essential oils are photosensitive, which means sensitive to sunlight. When these oils are applied to the skin they can cause a rash or burn when exposed to sunlight. It is recommended that you stay out of the sun for a few days when applying these oils. If you apply these oils to your feet or somewhere under clothing, you will be fine. Be extra safe if you have very fair skin and usually burn in the sun. Here is a list of oils......
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Sunblock Update

As you know from my last newsletter, I made sunblock to take on my Florida vacation. I am happy to inform you that it withstood the hot Florida sun! It worked so well that my hubby decided to use it after all. He started off with store bought sunblock because he wasn't crazy on the consistency of the one I made. And guess what? He was the only one that got sunburn. I have to admit its a little thick & takes a little elbow grease to work into your skin. But it works great! And most importantly, it's chemical free.
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What I'm Making To Prepare For Summer


This oil is great for skin care. I have been adding it to my lotion that I make. I love the smell of it. I also added it to my chapsticks. This oil may help to release negative memories and take us back to peaceful, joyful moments. And let's be honest, who couldn't use a little of that?!

Folklore: during the 1600's , European gardeners would plant geraniums around their houses to keep the evil spirits out.

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Welcome to our "Oily" Word

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