Natural Resources A

Yreka High School Mr Birch

Course Expectations and Important Information

1. Each student is expected to participate, be on time, and be prepared each day to learn. Pride Points will be deducted for tardies and disruptions.

2. Keep Sacred Time Sacred!(1st 10 min of each day article reading)

3. Keep your Toolbook Updated every day!

4. Use your Toolbook on Quests(Adventure Assessments) for success!

5. Get an Advisory pass before Advisory to make up work.

6. Cell phones will be sent to the office if they are being used or cause a distraction.

7. Field trips are a privelage! Each student is required to attend 2 of the 3 field trips. All students going on the field trips must be passing all classes to participate!

Grading Breakdown________________________________________________ Letter Grades

Toolbook Checks 30% ______________________________________________89.5-100 A

Quests 40%__________________ _______________________________________79.5-89.4 B

Projects 20% ________________________________________________________69.5 - 79.4 C

Pride Points 10%____________________________________________________59.5-69.4 D

_______________________________________________________________________0-59.4 F

Contact Info- Mr Birch

email- phone- 842-6151 ext 251

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