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Burma Update

The southside of Indianapolis is the largest population of people from Burma in the United States. The military coup in Burma is affecting our neighbors and their friends and families still there.

One of our parent liaisons, K Jack William, explains what is happening in Burma right now.

How can we support this Civil Disobedience Movement in Burma?

1. Share on Social Media

2. Write letters to Senators, Congressmen, President Biden

3. Donate if you can.

K Jack Burma update 2 22 21

Hybrid SIOP

This year, the EL Department has taken on SIOP training for classroom teachers in a new format. (SIOP training is a research-based instructional model that is effective in addressing the academic needs of English learners.) The first group to jump in were the Secondary teachers. They were excellent participants and implemented their new learning throughout the 11 week session! We have just started our second cohort with elementary teachers. We are so excited to have so many people willing to continue doing what is best for our EL students!

Over 80% of Certified Staff in Perry Township have been SIOP trained.

Deep Thinking in Small Groups

One area that has been especially challenging through the pandemic is group work. We know that small groups and partners are essential for our students to learn. Here is a way to set up groupings, so that all students have roles that are meaningful and thought-provoking.

Once taught, cognitive strategies can be consistently practiced and implemented through the use of reciprocal teaching, which encourages students to take a leadership role in their learning and begin to think about their thought process while listening or reading. Teachers can use reciprocal teaching during class discussions, with text that is read aloud, and later with text that is read in groups. The students should rotate between the following roles:

  • Questioner, who poses questions about parts of the lesson, discussion, or text that are unclear or confusing, or to help make connections with previously learned material.
  • Summarizer, who sums up each important point or detail from the lesson, discussion, or text.
  • Clarifier, who tries to address the Questioner’s issues and make sure that parts they found confusing are clear to others.
  • Predictor, who makes a prediction about what will happen next based on what was presented, discussed, or read,

Thinking/Question Sheet

Bookmarks to prompt student thinking

Big picture
Big picture


The annual WIDA assessment closes on March 12th. The results will be in on the dates below.

4/5/21-4/19/21 Pre-reporting data validation window (LEAs in AMS)

5/24/21 Initial results release (online reports) in WIDA AMS

*The EL Department will schedule WIDA data meetings with each building once the WIDA results are in.

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