Feburay Newsletter

Ms. Theus's Class

Happy Black History Month


Please continue to practice reading and writing all of our past sounds at home as we move into our more difficult sounds. This month we will review all controlled r sounds (or,ore,ar,ir,er,ur). We will also start to learn the long vowel sounds (ow, o silent e, ay, and ai). In comprehension students have been doing a wonderful job with problem and solution. More towards the end of the month we will begin doing cause and effect. This is a very difficult concept for students so I recommend practicing this one a lot at home. While reading at home I encourage you to ask your student about the problem and solution along with our other skills. In case you would like extra homework or reading just let me know and I am more than welcome to give it to you.


We are going back into our science now. This unit is all about balance and motion. We will be focusing on how we can things to balance with counterweight. As well as how we can make things move faster and slower.


We will continue to write our personal narratives stories until the end of the month. Students may refer to this writing as "Small Moments". Students are to pick a small event that they have experienced and write about it. I am really focusing on the details. So I often ask students who, what, when, where, why and how. That way they can go beyond just simple stories.


Students have mastered addition with regrouping and now it is time to move into subtraction with regrouping. This month is all about learning how to subtract with and without regrouping. Once again this is a very difficult concept for students. Around this time students begin to get their math signs confused so please help them and remind them at home.

Additional information

Because we are focused on academics we will not be having a large Valentine's Party in the classroom. On Friday February 12th, the Rose Hill PTO will be hosting a Valentine's Day event.

In our classroom we will only do a Valentine exchange party during the last ten minutes of class. A list of students names will be going home for Valentines. This is a wonderful time for students as a class to share the respect and the love that we have created with each other all year.

Lastly, I will be out of town Monday February 8th. It is not just because the superbowl but I will be celebrating my birthday. Students will be in great care and I will return that following Tuesday.

Thank you!


Ms. Theus