Noah james

Ancient mespotamia famous leaders

they say that king Sargon ruled the whole world but him and his sons only conquered citys only from the mediteranean to the Persian gulf. sargon established his capital at agade becomming the king of Akkad. he conquered the near by city states and established a commercial.

The decline of the civilazation

In Mesopotamia there was never a regular supplie of water and therefor irrigation was central to controlling crops.There were wars a lot and changes in the environment so it was never good.

Ancient mespotamia armor

it is located in mespotamia and it is important because while they were building up[ there city states there was a lot of conflicts mostly because of wealth and transportation so they used these to fight with.

The literacy rate

The literacy rate for Mesopotamia is 74.1 percent can read there writing.

Ancient Mesopotamia (Rev.) (clip)