Derby Daily

December 14-January 8

The Glance at the Next 2 School Weeks:

We are celebrating the Holiday Season the Dragon Way this week! We are unveiling the Staff Videos during Announcements this week!

Monday, December 14th We are #CelebrateMonday with a Hot Chocolate Bar and or Festive Holiday Wear and Jeans!

Happy, Happy Birthday Mrs. Tobben!

Dragon Tales Newsletter articles due!

December Data Team meeting with Specialists

Flu Shots for our DRE Dragons! Thank you Nurse Judy for keeping our Dragons Safe and Healthy for the New Year!

K-2 ELA Grade Level Meeting! Thank you Mrs. Sullivan for lending our Dragon Roar!

Tuesday, December 15th DRE Faculty Meeting! See you in the Media Center at 3:45 p.m. Don’t forget your Homemade Gift for Exchange

Agenda for our Meeting: Celebrating the Holiday Season!

Be ready to share a Celebration Personal or Professional and a Homemade Gift!

Homemade gift should be in some time of box or bag!

Looking forward to an amazing celebration!

3-5 ELA Grade Level Meeting! Thank you Ms. Walters for being our Dragon Roar!

Wednesday, December 16th: It’s our DRE Ugly Sweater Contest!

Fire Drill

December Principals Birthday Lunches

Thursday, December 17th: MMM, MMM, MMM Good! Bring your goodies for our Cookie Exchange!

Friday, December 18th Time for some Stretchy Pants! Enjoying our Holiday Feast!

A Day of Holiday Fun! Caroling, Games and Holiday Parties! Enjoy building strong relationships with our Dragons!

December 21st-January 4th Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016

Tuesday, January 5th We will #CelebrateTuesday Let's kick off 2016 in our Dragon Wear and Jeans!

Fire Drill

Wednesday, January 6th: BLT Meeting 3:40

Thursday, January 7th: FSP BOE Meeting 6:00 p.m.

Friday, January 8th: I am on the road today with Dr. Stiepleman! I have heard for 2 years the amazing that is Epic Elementary in Liberty, Missouri. Dr. Stiepleman invited me to join him and a team learning from them of their story of learning targets and much more! I can’t wait to come back and share my learning

It’s our January Birthday Carry In! Happy, Happy Birthday friends!

We are honoring or Distinguished Dragons today! 2:30 K-2

Upcoming Dragon Events:

Upcoming Dragon Events:

January 13th Compass Point Meetings

January 15th 3-5 Distinguished Dragons 2:30 p.m.

January 18th No School Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

January 19th Faculty Meeting

January 21st FSP Meeting 6:00 p.m.

January 22nd Yearbook Candids and Groups Pictures

January 22nd FSP Movie Night

January 25th K-2 Data Summit

January 25th K-2 Math Leadership meeting—thank you Mrs. James for your leadership

January 26th 3-5 Data Summit

January 26th Mrs. Buddemeyer will be our representative at the 3-5 Math Leadership meeting

Drops in the Bucket:

An incredible Night! Thank you for your work to make Reading Night a ROUSING SUCCESS! Thank you for your student-centered work as TOGETHER you researched and created a true wonderland of family fun! Thanks to all who gave of their time, talent, not to mention, cooking and serving abilities! Thank you to all who let us borrow griddles to cook up almost 900 pancakes! It was a GREAT night to be a DRAGON!

We Dragons do like to eat! Mmm, Mmm Good! What an incredible December Birthday Carry In! Thanks to TEAM Community for coordinating this celebration each and every month! Thank you all for your delicious generosity!

Compass point AWESOME! What incredible collaborative discussions! Thank you for your powerful planning and thoughtful consideration as we live our Dragon Vision!

#DREamteam Thank you 5th grade for your thoughtful working empowering the student voice! Thank you for unleashing our stupendous Dragon Leaders! They are manning the wagon, lifting the flag, announcing or greatness each morning and much, much more! More leadership to come! Thanks for all your extra work to coordinate this and life or student voice!

A Tip of the Hat to Mrs. Buddemeyer and our amazing Mathletes! Thanks to Ms. Ristau, Mrs. Mazzocco, and Mrs. Galbreath for all your work for the Home School Communicators Math Competition held Saturday! Thank you for all your work and for giving of your time and talent to provide this opportunity for our dragons!

Schedule for December 18th Holiday Celebration

Caroling Extravaganza!

Remember Caroling is one OPTION for our dragons! Please offer this as an option with other celebrations in your grade level.

On Wednesday, TEAM Student Leadership put together this fantastic schedule for every grade level. There will be two shifts of caroling: 1st, 2nd, & 5th 8:30-10:15 AM (bus through town) and 3rd, 4th, and Kinders 12:45-2:00PM (walking).

We have gotten one bus to take us as of right now we have the opportunity to carol in town at the these locations: Landmark Bank, Aslin, City of Columbia, still waiting on a couple more.

Walking students have been oked to carol at Missouri Credit Union and Taco Bell--we are working on additional locations as well.

Mrs. Shinn is putting together a permission slip for students to take home. If students do not have proper coats, jackets, or footwear they will NOT be allowed to go caroling. For these students and students whose parents and they would rather them not attend, there will be alternate plans for them (i.e. iPad/computer games). I ask the grade levels to assist in providing proper supervision for those caroling and those attending the alternative activities. For instance, 10 students caroling = 1 teacher.

If you have questions, feel free to ask! Special Education and Title Staff we would love to have you join us!

Thanks for helping our Dragons Spread Holiday Cheer!

Data Summits: Finishing 2015 and looking to 2016

The dates have been set for the remaining DATA Summits and Monthly Data Meetings

December 14

January 25 (K-2) and 26 (3-5) data summits

February 18

March 24

none in April because of testing

May 16 (K-2) and 17 (3-5) data summits

Additionally, grade levels please, please, please review the Reading Data Decision Rules! This will serve as our guide for the data discussions! Here is the link:

Keeping our Dragons Safe and Starting 2016 STRONG!

Keeping our Dragons Safe!

As things begin to get more and more hectic with the holidays approaching please remember the importance of CLOSE SUPERVISION of your friends and TEACHING EXPECTATIONS.

Supervision: you should never leave a student and/or students unattended! One can every anticipate what would happen. Please ensure the safety and security of your classroom community by keeping eyes on!

Expectations: Again, we all know routines and expectations are important--and as the holidays approach those expectations MUST be directly taught and reinforced--how can this be done? Let them know and review with them--what it looks like! What it looks like in the hall! What it looks like on the carpet! What it looks like in the classroom!

Beginning 2016 Teaching our Expectations: We will re-teach and re-view our School Wide Expectations and what it looks like as we usher in 2016! Ensuring our Dragon Expectations are clear Team Accountability has worked tirelessly to craft lessons on what it looks like in the classroom. Additionally, we will be practicing our Safe Spot and Buddy Room Expectations. Don't forget to reinforce "what it looks like" in the hallway, in the cafeteria, at recess, and on the bus.

We will begin CELEBRATING THE POSITIVE In 2016! So excited to be looking to Positive Referrals! The details are being crafted with powerful grade level discussions but we are looking to kick these off after our AMAZING Schoolwide Teaching of our Expectations during January 5-8. We will say "what it looks like."

No need to input electronically!We are looking at creating CARBONS that you can turn in

to the office with the student! We will post one on a wall and the other will go home with the student!

Thanks for Celebrating the Positive as we look forward to an Super 16!

It is a GREAT DAY to be a DRAGON!

Late Start Breakfast and Lunch

As the cold weather arrives there might be times when we arriving two hours later and we need to still provide something to eat to our friends. You will need to have a count to Sabra in the kitchen by 10:25. You can send a number on a piece of paper with a student. The kitchen will be serving breakfast cereal bars. They will usually try to send the same bars to you so there are no arguments. There are only the peanut free options. Lunches for 1, K, and 2 will be moved back by 5 minutes and 3, 4, and 5 will be the same.

Updates from TEAM Accountability

After discussion at the last Accountability Team Meeting here is a update for the rest of the year:

1. There will be no Super Improver Celebrations planned school wide. Since you set goals with your students, you can feel free to plan class celebrations when you choose.

2. Please get your Safe Spot and Buddy Seat prepared and please let us know if you need assistance with anything. Last call if you need a desk!

3. The Think Sheets will be updated to match the Calming Strategies that will be taught school wide in January.

4. Please make sure to have a plan for how your lessons will be taught in January. Check in with Kindergarten, they have some great ideas for working with their Buddy Room Partners! Great job thinking outside the box!

5. The Emotional Regulation Strategies are in the Discipline Folder in the Derby Google Drive, we suggest that you hang them by your Safe Spot and Buddy Seat until the strategies are firmly cemented. Remember repetition builds dendrites.

6. Amy Jones is working on a sheet that covers discipline procedures for your sub plans, Thank Amy for being so proactive for our visiting teachers! That document will be added to the discipline folder by the end of this week!